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  • I shall be of no more use in the world than any other mindless animal.

How To Use Mindless In A Sentence?

  • Imagine such mindless pleasure, as intense and prolonged as you please, and would you choose it?
  • Abruptly she was just an Indio girl, empty and drained as the others, mindless and motionless.
  • It was a mindless disregard that was sustained and nurtured by the generations of man that survived.
  • I was not mindless of the possibility that these forebodings, specious as they were, might be false.
  • The poor mindless creatures paid no heed to what was going on, but dully continued their appointed tasks.
  • Yet even he was curiously subject to a new purpose, as if there were some greater new will that included him, sensuous, mindless as he was.
  • I noticed a pallid, desperate look in his face, as though he were strung to great effort; but it was the face of a mindless one still.
  • Even more frightening to those who depended on the mindless passivity of consumer culture, internet enthusiasts were sharing information, ideas and whole computer programs for free!
  • His eye burned on his prize, mindless of what she was dragged through, if there was resistance, or whether by the hair of her head or her skirts, or how she was obtained.

Definition of Mindless

Showing a lack of forethought or sense. | Having no sensible meaning or purpose. | Heedless.
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