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  • I mined more or less in the meantime.
  • Some ore is mined that yields only forty tons or less.
  • In 1907 the amount mined was about 450,000,000 tons.
  • It was paid for by the sacrificial ores mined on Rythar.
  • Diamonds, gold, coal, copper, are mined in the island.
  • Gold and silver are mined in the Western Highlands.
  • It was mined on Pyrrus and sold here on Cassylia.
  • West Channel mined last night by U-boats.
  • After we had mined some twenty-five feet we took down the coal.
  • She mined in coal and iron and built solidly of brick and stone.
  • The filtering medium is a natural stone, mined from the earth.
  • If they mined beneath the rock, the defenders could make a counter-mine.
  • Besides, asteroid metals were cheaper than metals mined on Earth.
  • Great quantities of coal and iron are mined in the Eastern Highlands.
  • The H.Q. which we took over were in a mined dugout to the west of the village.

How To Use Mined In A Sentence?

  • There are tall gold and silver bars showing how much they have mined in these metals.
  • I imagine what happened from the hour the stone was mined to the hour it came into my possession.
  • These minerals form very large deposits and are extensively mined for use as fertilizers.
  • They stood for a good many ships being mined on that coast before they began to ask the why of it.
  • It is common knowledge that in America we have not farmed, but have mined the soil.
  • At another time I had my room mined out and was preparing to take down the coal.
  • He had prospected and mined in many districts of Alaska during nearly twenty years.
  • Forty yards from the mined stringer he met Molly riding back with a scared face.
  • A lamp charged with dynamite, in a mined dining-room, will burst and not a rat will escape alive.
  • The bills passed, but the ministry, mined by both parties, soon afterward was obliged to resign.
  • When Alan reached England and wrote to his uncle, he found the ground mined under his feet.
  • It is only when enough of it is found together to permit it to be mined to advantage that it is called iron ore.
  • The rock was then being mined for the purpose of extracting the bitumen contained in it for its use in medicine and the arts.
  • The face was mined out to the front of the hood and breasted down to a little below the floor of the top pockets of the shield.
  • Today's shell lime is much in demand in agriculture and its price is higher than mined lime.
  • It will be seen that four tons out of five mined in this state will be needed to produce by steam the power that is going to waste in its rivers.
  • The Nihilists have mined under the road by which he was yesterday evening to have travelled to the railway-station.
  • Copper, on the contrary, is only mined in one or two localities; and it is never manufactured on the spot.
  • An increasing amount was mined each year, but until 1821 the production was less than five hundred tons per year.
  • Although nearly 60,000,000 ounces were mined in 1907 only one and a half million ounces were mined for the sake of the silver alone.
  • Everything that wuz ever dug out of the earth, and the way it wuz discovered, mined and made useful to man.
  • The placer gold mined in 1907 was valued at $24,000,000, and it is thought that about this quantity can be supplied for a long time.
  • No trains came or went along the lines of steel into the mountain tunnel, which had been mined at a dozen points by the Browns.
  • Few, if any, countries do not possess it, and in most parts of the world, civilised and uncivilised, it is mined for and brought to market.
  • The Belt Companies had already been operating out here for a long time before the stony meteorites were mined commercially.

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simple past tense and past participle of mine
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