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  • A rank animal odor mingled with the taint of smoke.
  • He and Nancy mingled with their own kind.
  • For a second he had a mingled sensation of pleasure and surprise.
  • The moon magic faded and paled, mingled with the swift gray of dawn.
  • It mingled in every feverish dream, became the embodiment of every vision.
  • I mingled with him in the motley throng that crowded the place of St. Mark.
  • And with Bert's admiration was mingled a sense of gratitude.

How To Use Mingled In A Sentence?

  • An uncomfortable feeling of mingled cowardice and repugnance again overpowered me.
  • Remorse mingled with the pangs of hunger and the cold fear of dying which was upon him.
  • The fresh, shrill voices broke on the air, mingled with silvery peals of laughter.
  • From her pale nipples issued whitish droplets, mingled with blood, which slowly ran down her ribs.
  • A strange sense of peace and content came to Constance, albeit mingled with remorse.
  • Very little is known concerning the Malayan people who mingled with almost every Oriental stock.
  • They mingled together; they entered the courts of the Great Spirit, silent and full of awe.
  • This was the way in which it happened that she mingled her fears in such a strange manner with their doctrines.
  • Her transports were unbounded; and mingled with them were enthusiastic ejaculations of gratitude to her deliverer.
  • She stooped to see what it was; then with a cry of mingled surprise and terror she snatched it from the ground.
  • Surprised into silence, he studied her with a regard in which admiration for her courage was mingled with blank wonder at her recklessness.
  • You have not denied your kinsmen in their adversity; you have shared hearth and home with them; you have mingled your tears with theirs.
  • Lawrence mingled with the crowd, and as he read he felt a bulky envelope thrust in his hand and caught a glimpse of a dusky arm.
  • She looked down to see his eyes filled with a new meaning, a wondrous expression of mingled tenderness and pain shadowed them.
  • All these things, however, had been jumbled together in our minds in that vague way in which such things are mingled up in the tales of boyhood.
  • She, therefore, soon abandoned the useless campaign, and for a time held him in mingled awe and disdain.
  • Many of her friends treated Lois as if she were a sort of upper servant, with a mingled condescension and hauteur.
  • Glances of absolutely terrifying tenderness mingled with flashes of cunning swept over me from head to foot while I tried to eat.
  • Soldiers mingled fraternally with sailors, and pretty young women, mostly bareheaded and neatly dressed in black, mingled with both.
  • There was still a dim consciousness of outward things mingled with my condition; I was not beyond the recall of my senses.
  • A certain portion of self-delusion is always mingled with successful imposture; the impostor, as it were, makes his first experiment on himself.
  • There was snarling and growling as of a cur, mingled with curses in which Wolfert fancied he could recognize the voice of the buccaneer.
  • But it proved to be another man, and Joan mingled hastily in the crowd, relieved that they had not noticed her.
  • A pang of joy and triumph shot through Westenra, but it was mingled with something that cut like a knife on an open wound.
  • He dashed up the narrow stairs, floundered through the back garret, over bags and boxes and heaps of mingled commodities, and threw up the sash.
  • In the opposite corner was a heap of mingled shavings, straw, and sacking, the present couch of the aged tenant of this gloomy apartment.
  • She thought that Frank heard her, for there was on his face a look of mingled surprise, pleasure, and bewilderment.
  • Every one crowded to the window; another musket shot was heard, and another long shout, that mingled wildly with a rising blast of wind.
  • The yells of the Indians, the screams and cries of the provincials, mingled with the sharp crack of rifles or the duller sound of the musket.
  • He grinned broadly, and looked this way and that, with mingled gratification and embarrassment, as was the Jago way in such circumstances.
  • He tells us that he would scarcely stir out of doors in windy or rainy weather, and that at Court he mingled freely with the greatest of the realm.
  • Having executed this sad commission, I went down into the courtyard, where I mingled with the crowd.
  • Things were strangely mixed up, the real and the unreal grouped and mingled in a manner that gave to all the just proportions and appearance of sober actualities.

Definition of Mingled

simple past tense and past participle of mingle

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