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  • Then his eyes dropped to the miniature again.
  • Bobbie turned from the miniature mirror.
  • Radwalader laid the miniature on the table.
  • One was a miniature in a small old-fashioned locket.
  • That miniature was your image, and I guessed at once.
  • See Miniature Library.
  • See also Miniature Library.
  • He permitted me to copy the miniature of the young adventurer.
  • This story presents in miniature the social attitude of the majority of men.
  • The child's soap-bubble shows it in miniature splendor.
  • They have such mimetic objects as dolls, miniature boats, etc.
  • It was a miniature of Loyd, the man he hated the most on earth.
  • Here is a model in miniature of the Crystal Palace itself, in glass.

How To Use Miniature In A Sentence?

  • It is in these valleys and on these miniature mountains that the city is built.
  • Probably she turned the portrait around and tore out the miniature when she was alone.
  • The hut might have been built for a miniature fortress, so strong were its walls.
  • A piece of furniture is not a miniature work, which is to be investigated in every detail.
  • If the system had included a miniature full-color television camera, he could have gone hog wild.
  • At each place put a tiny funnel bouquet, a miniature of the central one or else some tiny tin toy.
  • He flung out one hand passionately, pointing at the miniature on the mantel behind Radwalader.
  • He found that there was frost on the end of his nose and he was in a miniature blizzard as far as his shoulders.
  • They were all carrying miniature bellows in their hands, which they were working up and down with great energy.
  • Within this world are in miniature nearly all the struggles and experiences of the larger world of later life.
  • The snow became a sea of slush and miniature rivers ran down to join forces with the larger stream.
  • There are accommodations for keeping animals, and miniature tools to do mechanical labor of various kinds.
  • His work is of great charm and of remarkable purity, and he is certainly the most brilliant miniature painter of the 18th century.
  • All day long they amuse themselves in miniature canoes, rolling over and over in the water, regardless of crocodiles.
  • A miniature cake of scented soap and many fluttering picture cards bore witness to the resources of the scrap-box.
  • The opposite shore curved into miniature bays, with the spires and towers of the city etched on a filmy blue sky.
  • There they were, isolated at the top of one of the larger branches shooting out in the midst of one of those miniature forests called baobab-trees.
  • A few paces farther on, in the bottom of a little spring run, the mandrake shades the ground with its miniature umbrellas.
  • He took up his station at the little bar behind the velvet cord, and slid his left foot onto the miniature rail.
  • The intrenching-tool is a miniature pickax, one end of which resembles a large-bladed hoe with a sharpened and tempered edge.
  • An exquisitely painted miniature of herself, set with diamonds, and resting on a carved ivory easel, looked up at her.
  • They pitched their camp on a little rising ground, near a slow meandering stream that crept lazily across the miniature desert.
  • The hills, scaled by green rice-terraces, each with tiny rill and miniature cascade, are vocal with murmuring waters.
  • The miniature is very small, is protected by a thick glass, and is framed in an ornamented, richly gilt, copper frame.
  • So far as her comfort was concerned, there was not the least need of worrying about her, for the cabin of the Splash was a miniature parlor.
  • There is a miniature bird and animal fauna which constitutes as important game to the young poacher as any he is likely to come across in after life.
  • By Providential dispensation these colonies were a miniature of the America of 1775, suddenly thrown upon its own resources and in war.

Definition of Miniature

Smaller than normal. | (transitive) To make smaller than normal; to reproduce in miniature. | Greatly diminished size or form; reduced scale.

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