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  • I am very anxious not to minimize the danger.
  • Dickie sought to minimize her part in the affair.
  • She tried to minimize it, and her brain succumbed.
  • It is useless to minimize the evils inherent in the sect system.
  • She hugged her wrongs, and any attempt to minimize his guilt infuriated her.
  • He was furious at the defeat, and was endeavoring to minimize it in every way.
  • His Highness does not attempt to minimize the evils of the system.

How To Use Minimize In A Sentence?

  • They stayed as close to that wall as possible to minimize the creaking of the stairs.
  • To this statement should be added that its mission is also to minimize or do away with defects.
  • It has failed utterly to destroy or even minimize the horrible scourge of its own creation.
  • No attempt was made to minimize the truth that the blow to the division was a staggering one.
  • She tried to minimize the insult now, for she did not know what Keith might do.
  • There is a tendency with some teachers to magnify the importance of auxiliary studies and minimize the importance of essentials.
  • Yet my willingness to minimize the importance of the rules that determine who owns science and culture goes only so far.
  • The scrapers are of cast steel and have a rake-like shape with a view to minimize the breakage of coke.
  • To minimize the cost of fabrication and erection of steel, four spans were made practically the same.
  • Such a form tends to prevent the omission of relevant features, and to minimize error and misunderstanding.
  • To minimize errors, all numerals are spelled out, except paragraph numbers and those in the heading.
  • In order to minimize this height through concrete girders were used, the girders projecting above rather than below the roadway slab.
  • Security measures are necessary in order to minimize or prevent surprise, or to defeat other efforts aimed at disruption of plans.
  • For emphasis, and to minimize errors, all geographical names and names of vessels are spelled entirely with capitals.
  • The metal terminal at the top of the carbon block is of bronze, both it and the lock nuts and bolts being nickel-plated to minimize corrosion.
  • There was a time when ambition and overwork so told upon me that mistakenly I allowed myself to minimize my vocal practice.
  • Small articles were put away and the wagon covers tightly drawn to minimize the opportunities of the Indians for theft.
  • But first he oiled the bit to minimize the noise, and this he did invariably before beginning a fresh hole, and often in the middle of one.
  • Usually when we introduce a patient to a medical technique which is strange to him we minimize its difficulties and give him confident promises concerning the result of the treatment.
  • All feeding experiments were replicated with at least six different individuals in order to minimize the trends resulting from individual preferences or dislikes.
  • But in this, as in other instances where they departed from precedents which they professed to be following, they were actuated by a desire to minimize the direct influence of the people.
  • But the courts are naturally opposed to innovations in our constitutional system, and have consequently been disposed to give provisions of this character such an interpretation as will minimize their effect.
  • A relatively high degree of flexibility and specialization of the curriculum will help the pupil find what he is best fitted for, and thereby minimize waste.
  • In after years these were ashamed of their assault, and tried to minimize it, when it was related to new missionaries, by representing that they did not intend to kill me.
  • Each station consisted of a shelter 18 by 9 by 11.5 inches, having a false top to minimize heating (Fig. 9).
  • Not necessarily that they minimize the latter, but they seem instinctively to recognize that social forces may work them ill or work them good according to the direction and power of those forces.
  • I think I am not wrong in saying that there is no other game at the present time in which this combination of the sexes does not tend to minimize the enjoyment of the player and the interest of the spectator.
  • You cannot neutralize sex temptations by the {196} provision of knowledge, you cannot even minimize them, and you may tactlessly add not a little to their danger.

Definition of Minimize

(transitive) To make (something) as small or as insignificant as possible. | (computing, transitive, graphical user interface) To remove (a window) from the main display area, collapsing it to an icon or caption. | (transitive) To treat (someone) slightingly.
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