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How To Use Minimum In A Sentence?

  • The longer the staple above the minimum the higher the counts that can be spun.
  • I consider that a very minimum staff which would be required is approximately as follows.
  • He must concentrate himself now on covering the distance to the school in the minimum of time.
  • He had come down the road with a minimum of travelling comforts, and had been rather miserable.
  • The children are well fed and well clothed, and there is a minimum of sickness among them.
  • If she had herself borne all the expense, a minimum estimate of the cost would be $50.
  • It follows, therefore, that crepes which have a good thin finish should dry in a minimum period.
  • They must be set at a minimum of thirty-six inches from the floor in the United States plans.
  • Kepler discovered it by comparing the maximum and minimum of these quantities, by which their relation became more sensible.
  • After a minimum of exchanged pleasantries, he subsided onto the couch and fished for pipe and tobacco.
  • Obviously, in this way a very large area of plates could be secured with a minimum degree of separation.
  • He would be the ideal teacher who could induce a maximum amount of education on the basis of a minimum amount of acquirement.
  • By this simple arrangement, any member of the family could attend to voltage regulation with a minimum of bother.
  • But thanks to our scientific farming, the personnel employed in cultivation is now reduced to a minimum while showing maximum results.
  • Its cylinders were set in a circle about the crankshaft, so that the entire engine occupied a minimum of space in the airplane body.
  • The minimum dues are one cent a month for each pupil, for other members not less than ten cents a term.
  • When a minimum of six weevils can be taken by jarring the branches on any one tree, it is time to make the first application.
  • Anciently the minimum time was three years, but some allow ten or more years to elapse before the first visit home is paid.
  • No paid go-between is engaged, and brides are to be at a minimum age of eighteen years, and bridegrooms twenty.
  • The large sum of $200,000 for the support of the board, and considerable sums for certain minimum contingencies, were appropriated.
  • Sunken lots were filled in, sewers placed, and streets opened, regulated and graded at but the merest minimum of expense to these landlords.
  • The stockholder or member pays a stipulated minimum sum, say one dollar, when he takes his membership, and buys a share of stock.
  • Its main concern now was to reach Dutch or Scandinavian territory, with the minimum of procrastination.
  • An Irishman tries to exist on land cultivated by the minimum amount of labour, and does not farm a bit better if his land is cheaper.
  • Thus, with ordinary field latex having about 20 per cent. dry rubber content, the minimum necessary for coagulation per 100 c.c.
  • What then, it may be asked, is, in Hegel's view, the indispensable minimum essential to a state?
  • There are reports also of the unwillingness of the school authorities to relax formal requirements, with reference to the minimum number for whom a class will be organized.
  • Thus a wing has been secured which offers the minimum resistance to forward motion through the air, together with the maximum weight carrying ability.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Minimum | Minimum Sentence

  • This is the minimum of their needs.
  • It represents the minimum of true religion.
  • Gramen juncoides minimum anglo-britannicum.
  • Her salary shall not be less than the minimum paid to patrolmen.
  • Both of these trees grow well in this region with a minimum of care.
  • A forest tree calls for a minimum of attention as compared with other crops.
  • This is very desirable, as such plants require the minimum of care.
  • But let us take five horsepower as a desirable minimum in this instance.
  • The minimum resistance then is 1,005 ohms and the maximum 1,050 ohms.
  • The year 1900 is in fact close upon the minimum of the eleven-year period.
  • Rhyme's last minimum irreducible, From dye-vat, retort, or crucible.

Definition of Minimum

To the lowest degree. | The lowest limit. | The smallest amount.
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