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  • This is the minimum of their needs.
  • At the same time there is a minimum of noise.
  • He was incurring the minimum of risk.
  • Does the trajectory imply the minimum of work?
  • A minimum of two passengers is required.
  • It represents the minimum of true religion.
  • Johnny had no nerves, and only a minimum of sensibility.
  • His minimum of food and clothing rose apace.
  • Within the area, therefore, was a minimum of 6 villages.
  • Well, a minimum of three ... a university course.
  • The maximum of relaxation results in the minimum of fatigue.
  • She had attained the maximum of tension and had secured a minimum of results.
  • The female relatives reduce their clothing to a minimum of decency.
  • Many were unable to obtain even this minimum of funeral honours.
  • This was done without food cards and with a minimum of edicts.
  • Both of these trees grow well in this region with a minimum of care.
  • Yet for the sake of a working efficiency we must do a minimum of classifying.
  • This is very desirable, as such plants require the minimum of care.
  • A forest tree calls for a minimum of attention as compared with other crops.
  • Cacti need a minimum of two and a half hours of sunlight per day.
  • A minimum of 25 points for equipment, and 50 points for method.
  • This was fallacious, but it was manly, and had a minimum of moral truth.
  • The year 1900 is in fact close upon the minimum of the eleven-year period.
  • A minimum of 25 points for equipment, and a minimum of 43 points for method.
  • I know; three-half-pence a line, with a minimum of three shillings.

How To Use Minimum Of In A Sentence?

  • Men can do nothing with each other, if they have not a certain minimum of trust.
  • Fortunately, he was able to do this with a minimum of destruction of the old work.
  • To shoot a selected few is to court a maximum of contempt for a minimum of advantage.
  • But the adverse chances had been weeded out and weeded out to the irreducible minimum of risk.
  • He must concentrate himself now on covering the distance to the school in the minimum of time.
  • It is generally agreed that territorial species engage in a minimum of fighting.
  • The day of material good will come through the maximum of pay for the minimum of work.
  • He had come down the road with a minimum of travelling comforts, and had been rather miserable.
  • By so doing, we shall be able to extract the maximum of nutriment from the minimum of food.
  • The children are well fed and well clothed, and there is a minimum of sickness among them.
  • Its gallery is still contained within one plane, the first condition of the minimum of labour.
  • We struggle up, however, and get each a minimum of the limited basin and towel privilege.
  • Thus enabling the cautious Aberdonian to improve his mind by travel at a minimum of expense.
  • Two French and ten British officers obtained a minimum of space in my compartment.
  • They must be set at a minimum of thirty-six inches from the floor in the United States plans.
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