Ministerial In A Sentence

Definition of Ministerial

Related to a religious minister or ministry. | Related to a governmental minister or ministry. | Having the power to wield delegated executive authority.

How To Use Ministerial In A Sentence?

  • Further ministerial instructions will settle the application of this decree.
  • They display the concentrated essence of bitterness towards the ministerial policy.
  • Such are three of the most notable examples of ministerial tyranny in comparatively early times.
  • Nevermore will it be excited by mere court intrigue, or even by ministerial necessities.
  • I see that even the ministerial gentlemen present cast down their eyes and look ashamed.
  • From ministerial down to menial posts no claim was raised, no request preferred.
  • My notion of taste in the ministerial office is to declare all the counsel of God.
  • He wore a tall beaver hat, though the day was warm, and a suit of ministerial black.
  • We shall certainly do so, if we are young ministerial students, attending the University!
  • These may some gentle ministerial wing Receive, and place for ever near a king!
  • The Chamber confirmed the ministerial proposal to demand French help against Austria.
  • Lord E. Fitzmaurice made some sort of reply, and there were Ministerial cheers.
  • Besides, was it credible that Bargemont, head of a Ministerial Department, was still in Paris?
  • Isabel's eyes danced behind her spectacles as she thought how large and ministerial they were.
  • Nor is this ringing of the changes on the word republic confined to the oratory of presidential and ministerial junketings.
  • A third barrier of difficulty barring the pathway of local consolidation is that of ministerial and ecclesiastical responsibility.
  • The whole purpose of the treatment demands the highest possible degree of suggestibility brought about by the ministerial persuasion.
  • Best leave those fellows to their ministerial sackcloth, without questioning the quality of the flax from which it was spun.
  • Electoral Ministerial Unionist Ministerial Unionist Division Votes.
  • He is frequently too poor to dress in a ministerial style, and quite often he is not known until he begins the services.
  • The professor, downright and enthusiastic in his utterances, pooh-poohed the entire ministerial idea.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ministerial | Ministerial Sentence

  • What are the ministerial duties of the secretary of state?
  • Serious Ministerial crisis in consequence.
  • There would be a straight out Ministerial party of 24.
  • Grim silence on Ministerial Benches.
  • Interdenominational Ministerial Union, 137.
  • From the Athenae, the Ministerial paper, of May 25.
  • There's nothing very ministerial about this.
  • Salamanca is the ministerial watchword, and all will go well with you.
  • A clergyman performs many functions simply as a ministerial official.
  • Their libraries contained authors never found before on ministerial shelves.
  • Young men are frequently impatient to enter upon their ministerial life work.
  • To some minds this seems incredible folly, a species of ministerial madness.
  • A ministerial friend once asked me what it was I had covered up on the stand.
  • It is a minor Ministerial post, but the service rendered is incalculable.
  • But the Ministerial party, secure in its strength, pushed on its way.
  • With us in Upper Canada there was none of this ministerial responsibility.
  • That is the worst of being a Ministerial Statistical Councillor.
  • On the books, Lanze was carried as Assistant to the Ministerial Secretary.
  • Sir GEORGE CAVE is the Ministerial maid-of-all-work.

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