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  • Are minors answerable for crimes?
  • No minors may be employed in barrooms.
  • How do alien minors become citizens?
  • The minors of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd ...
  • Marriage of Minors and Wards in Chancery.
  • Prohibition of employment of minors at dangerous occupations.
  • A Major and Two Minors 7 II.
  • Prohibition of employment of minors more than eight hours daily.
  • Guardians of the property of minors must prosecute and defend for their wards.

How To Use Minors In A Sentence?

  • Guardians of the persons of minors have the same power and control over them that parents would have if living.
  • Thieves included those who made purchases from minors or slaves without the sanction of elders or trustees.
  • I blessed him for it, though there were but three notes, all told, and those minors and a trifle flat.
  • He was anxious for the improvement of the young, and appointed a magistrate to whom minors might apply, who needed protection or assistance.
  • Because we were minors we invoked the aid of the Church, and our vows before God can never be cancelled by any civil statute.
  • The period of minority extends in males to the age of twenty-one years, and in females to that of eighteen, but all minors attain their majority by marriage.

Definition of Minors

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of minor | plural of minor
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