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  • The miracle has happened.
  • The shop is a miracle of taste.
  • Then the miracle and renown begin.
  • O miracle till then unheard and unknown!
  • Had not something very like a miracle been wrought?
  • But he who can work one miracle can work another.
  • And lo and behold, the miracle had been worked!
  • Must I implore a miracle from heaven?
  • Dieu, De faire miracle en ce lieu!
  • Why, Janos, a greater miracle never yet happened.
  • The Miracle of the Waters is Repeated.
  • The Miracle which is worked for Certain Hewers of Wood.
  • She longed for a parrot that should be a miracle of eloquence.
  • Of a miracle that might occur at any moment and make everything different!
  • His vessel escaped as by a miracle through the centre of the English fleet.
  • I asked for a miracle ... and the next day it seemed to have been worked....
  • How he was again made Captive, and released by the Miracle of the Kettle.

How To Use Miracle In A Sentence?

  • They claim that the so-called fermentation is a miracle due to the prayers offered.
  • He also felt that a miracle had taken place; it was all so strange, so incomprehensible.
  • On searching for the cause of this miracle the Gospels were found uninjured beneath.
  • He stood up, stepped aside, and it seemed a miracle that Shirley did not go overboard.
  • Such various minds the bard alone can sway, My friend, oh work this miracle today!
  • And all who beheld this miracle gave praise to God, who worked such works in Patrick.
  • A truce to horror now, And tell me by what miracle thou sprangest From race so savage.
  • How he was again made Captive, and released by the Miracle of the Kettle.
  • I had always supposed that a miracle was the supreme sensation of existence, the ultimate rapture of the soul.
  • And this miracle when published abroad, was accounted a fair presage and a present sanction of the future city.
  • She remembered the agony of those few minutes on the preceding day, when nothing but what still seemed a miracle had saved him.
  • Yes, there was a cause, there was a reason for the miracle of disorder, or it would not have happened.
  • And the governor and all who saw or heard this miracle marvelled; and the nurse was released from slavery through the merits of her foster-child.
  • We however admire in this miracle the merit of the saint; but in no wise think that the cause thereof needs to be discussed.
  • It seemed little short of a miracle that they should appear at such a juncture, yet the explanation proved simple enough.
  • This extraordinary circumstance was regarded by the Ismailites as a miracle wrought by that founder of their society.
  • Nor is this miracle beheld only at stated seasons, or once in every year; for even to this day does it appear to be continued.
  • Of course, the bare miracle is thus complete, and the natural and unbroken continuity of development is superfluous.
  • Then by the aid of this radiant miracle the chariot-driver found his steeds, and led them rejoicing to the father, and yoked them unto the chariot.
  • It looked to us as though a miracle had been wrought before our eyes; as though the gaze of the Maid had done it.
  • And the saint delayed not, but revived the dead woman, and baptized her husband, who at so wonderful a miracle thoroughly believed.
  • In the far west the Tortugas were passing through the daily miracle of sunset, and the hush of evening had settled upon all the land.
  • For once, however, Mary Darcy had not been able to accomplish her usual miracle with this furniture.

Definition of Miracle

(transitive) To affect by a miracle; to work a miracle upon. | An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin. | A fortunate outcome that prevails despite overwhelming odds against it.
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