Mirage in a sentence

Definition of Mirage

(transitive) To cause to appear as or like a mirage. | An optical phenomenon in which light is refracted through a layer of hot air close to the ground, giving the appearance of there being refuge in the distance. | (figuratively) An illusion.

Short Example Sentence for Mirage

  • 1. The mirage is salvation by treaties.
  • 2. The seductive mirage of the lands of the sun!
  • 3. The mirage is also of daily occurrence.
  • 4. The mirage was almost continual and grossly deceptive.
  • 5. The mirage of romance obscured the light of common day.
  • 6. The shining mirage of steel above the green isle sinks.
  • 7. It was a Sahara of mirage and desolation and death.
  • 8. So real had the mirage become, that Honora did not answer.
  • 9. He had raised a mirage in which he saw happiness and full content.
  • 10. Mortal life was but a fleeting mirage besides this vision of the life beyond.
  • 11. It loomed through a dread mirage that squirmed with ugly fighting shapes.
  • 12. It was worse than the mirage of any desert, for they knew that it was real.
  • 13. Her form was only a mirage of desire decoying one step by step into despair.
  • 14. Mead toiled on, the mirage of an achieved literary gem on his mental horizon.
  • 15. In Miner's Mirage Land, 1904.
  • 16. And yet it is the mirrored mirage of all the Eternal Purpose's immutable law.

How to use Mirage in a Sentence?

  • 1. It is only a hopeless love that sets up its mirage of false and never-to-be-obtained joys.
  • 2. A kind of mirage floating over waste places, and appearing at a distance like water.
  • 3. The mirage on the plain to the south of the creek was stronger than I have before seen it.
  • 4. So they voted for Gladstone with solid enthusiasm, and placed their Mirage in his return to power.
  • 5. Days glided by, this mirage cheating all; Morn came, eve went, and we were tranquil still.
  • 6. Like the mirage of a tropical island the dirigible hung motionless in space for a breathless minute.
  • 7. This great city was revealed to the eyes of the weary soldiers with the suddenness of a mirage in the desert.
  • 8. What remained was merely a mirage in which phantoms in the guise of persons made a pretence of being alive.
  • 9. They thought it a mirage and watched it with eyes grown weary of the desert's delusions.
  • 10. Annette forgot that a year ago she had for a few hours seen a mirage of this ecstasy before, and it had been but a mirage.
  • 11. They still are following the mirage that has strewn the deserts of time with the bleached skeletons of those who set out to reach it.
  • 12. We have climbed no doubt in the footholds they have carved, and we have gained the summit they only saw in the mirage of hope.
  • 13. The man looking at the mirage in the distance belonged to none of these classes; he stood out alone.
  • 14. Sometimes in the distance the mirage hung brilliant, a blue lake with waves crisping on a yellow shore.
  • 15. It has always been towards the mirage that men have tramped with bleeding feet, only to strew the desert with bleached bones.
  • 16. His spirit, at times sustained, at others weakened by the mirage of superstition, believed this firmly.
  • 17. Like the uncharted vastness of the polar sea and the unbounded, shimmering mirage of the wide desert, here at last there is plenty and to spare.
  • 18. He did not dream of the nearness of the war, which had been viewed by him, as by millions of others, as a mirage far off beyond the seas.
  • 19. He was right; they had located the Arkansas, and the alleged mirage of the evening before had been a reality after all.
  • 20. And again, when about to be struck, he sank down, and a mirage filled the place so that they could not see him, for things did not look the same.
  • 21. And Gray saw for himself how misty the dark outlines were; and even as he looked he saw the mirage disappear.
  • 22. A mirage trembled to the south, a glassy vision, crystal clear amid the chalky streakings and the rings of parched and blanching sinks.
  • 23. In waves of dreamier purple roll away, And floating in mirage seem all the glimmering farms.
  • 24. The banker, the broker, even the merchant, lives in a series of whirlwinds, or seems to be pursuing a mirage or groping his way through a fog.