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Definition of Miscarriage

(now rare except in miscarriage of justice) A failure; a mistake or error. [from 16th c.] | The spontaneous natural termination of a pregnancy, especially before it is viable; the fatal expulsion of a foetus from the womb before term. [from 17th c.]

How To Use Miscarriage In A Sentence?

  • A tendency to miscarriage may therefore be all that stands in the way of a family.
  • I have always believed that Toombs regarded this as the great miscarriage of his life.
  • If the wife is subject to miscarriage every precaution should be employed to prevent its happening again.
  • I have just had my third miscarriage and been flowing over two weeks and have much pain in back and womb.
  • When a miscarriage has taken place, intercourse should not be permitted within a month of the accident.
  • I had had a miscarriage and a bad flooding spell and my husband had given up all hopes of my ever getting strong again.
  • There is some prejudice against such evidence, springing from reported cases of miscarriage of justice in convictions based on it.
  • The miscarriage of a detail here and there in this vast, comprehensive plan of action did not in the least sense discourage him.
  • But this was not all, or nearly all; there was a grave miscarriage of the simplest justice in this important province.
  • The story teller paused here to explain that his mother did not know that she was pregnant, and that a miscarriage had occurred.
  • He was chagrined at the miscarriage of his scheme; but the chagrin had its root in his desire for order, and not in his humanity.
  • If miscarriage has taken place, intercourse should be avoided for a month or six weeks at least after the accident.
  • Horse or cow has disappeared, house been burned down, or pregnant wife frightened into miscarriage by apparitions.
  • The danger in which we stood through the miscarriage of that packet was appreciated by every one of the Council.
  • Her presence there seemed to cry out the news of some foul miscarriage of destiny, of a wrong to her life too hideous to imagine.
  • The special undertaking or "assumption" creates a duty which is broken by fraudulent or incompetent miscarriage in the performance.
  • Hence, especially if there be any pre-existing uterine disease, or a predisposition thereto, miscarriage is a serious thing.
  • If there be a {272} liability to miscarry, quickening makes matters more safe, as there is less likelihood of a miscarriage after than before it.
  • It has been shown by a distinguished medical writer, that, in a given number of instances, miscarriage occurred in seventeen per cent.
  • These must be the consequences of a miscarriage; and a miscarriage is the almost necessary consequence of our attempt to march the army by this new route.
  • The miscarriage or abortion occurs because the unborn child is killed by the germs of the disease, and is cast out by the womb as if it were a foreign body.
  • If miscarriage is the result of an accident, it generally takes place without much warning, and the service of a physician should at once be secured.
  • While after confinement ample time is afforded by a long period of repose for the bruised and lacerated parts to heal, after a miscarriage no such rest is obtained.
  • The miscarriage of the allegory was an evil omen, and men probably thought how much better the churchmen always managed their conjurings and the art of spectacle.
  • Complete sterility or miscarriage was thought to be occasioned by evil spirits; a woman thus possessed with a devil came to be looked on as a dangerous being whom it was necessary to exorcise.
  • It is especially desirable to avoid a miscarriage in the first pregnancy, for fear that the habit of miscarrying shall then be set up, which it will be very difficult to eradicate.
  • Langa-an had a miscarriage and lost him, when you went to wash your hair, so I picked him up, because I had no one to inherit my possessions.
  • My curiosity was gratified with the sight of a small whittled stick, which pinned fast to the ground an insect, the cause of a miscarriage to a young female of the village.
  • There was, too, another grave miscarriage of justice caused, perhaps, by a mistake made by the head of the second Land Commission.
  • Still another may have a miscarriage or two and then bear one or two healthy children, only to have the last child, years after her infection, be stillborn and syphilitic.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Miscarriage | Miscarriage Sentence

  • Such cases of miscarriage are not unusual.
  • Success and miscarriage have the same effects in all conditions.
  • There seems to be a reason back of such miscarriage of justice.
  • He was still furious over the miscarriage in his plans caused by this arrival.
  • But, very probably, the result is often a miscarriage of justice.

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