Misinformed In A Sentence

Definition of Misinformed

simple past tense and past participle of misinform

How To Use Misinformed In A Sentence?

  • If he does not, the doctor asserts that the spirit had misinformed him, and the ceremony must be performed again.
  • I began to think I had either suffered this transformation or been maliciously misinformed as to my personality.
  • This, to my utter dismay, he at first consented to do, but presently observed that probably his ears had misinformed him.
  • It appears that Leighton had been misinformed as to "every girl" having to pass such an examination.
  • It would seem so, and yet he could not be so mistaken; Walter must have been misinformed as to the bride.
  • But I was both uninformed and misinformed about the cost as well as about the frightful handicap of having no Embassy.
  • I believe those men deliberately misinformed me, for the sole reason that I am unfortunately a stranger and unfamiliar with the country.
  • I had been, therefore, misinformed by the seaman, who told me that captain Spikerman was the next person to the governor.
  • He was, moreover, misinformed as to the extent of the preparations, since no Milanese of any standing gave his support to the plan.
  • To obviate this variation anti-oxidants are used on most estates, but the accidental or misinformed abuse of these chemicals may lead to further lack of uniformity.
  • This promotion from the ranks is not as simple a matter as young people might gain from reading the stories of some misinformed authors who know nothing of actual military service.
  • The break-up of Austria was bound to come sooner or later, whether some misinformed critics or prejudiced pro-Austrian politicians liked it or not.
  • Black Hawk is mistaken in some things about this treaty, and it may be that he has been misinformed in regard to the authority of his chiefs to make this sale of their lands.
  • Moreover, I assure you that you are misinformed if you assume that advice and guidance in the affairs of life is an integral part of the analytic influence.
  • He protests against the royal orders to increase the rate of tribute paid by the Indians, saying that the king has been misinformed regarding their ability to pay.
  • I knew that I had not been misinformed when I heard that Catesby was a pupil of one of the greatest swordsmen in Europe.
  • In my verse translation I took a slightly different reading, being then misinformed about the MS., but the general sense is the same.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Misinformed | Misinformed Sentence

  • Our man was probably misinformed as to who their interlocutor was.
  • But, ladies and gentlemen, who has misinformed you to this degree?

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