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  • This is probably a modern misinterpretation of the old custom.
  • These illusions spring from misinterpretation of Scripture language.
  • Child, Adult misinterpretation of, 104; Creative imagination in the, 103 ff.

How To Use Misinterpretation In A Sentence?

  • There must be no profane misinterpretation of this subtle and delicate difference.
  • All ferocity must be misinterpretation of the divine law of harmony and mutual help.
  • The great Hebrew prophets contended strongly against this misinterpretation of religion.
  • Never again would Kenny lay himself open to misinterpretation by seeking commissions for his son.
  • He apologised for the guard's bluntness and his misinterpretation of his message.
  • This misinterpretation of his work and misinterpretation of his motives was a keen grief to him throughout life.
  • This peculiarity may at times have led to a misunderstanding, or to a misinterpretation of his views.
  • Yet some of those which were pointed to at the time as flagrant instances of extravagant misinterpretation have now come to look different.
  • She made inquiries, regardless of the possible misinterpretation her concern might be given by others.
  • His philosophy affords a convenient phraseology in which to express a philosophy of war, granting sufficient misinterpretation of his philosophy.
  • He had battled for Joan with misinterpretation and cruelty; he had practiced the truth with the telling of untruth.
  • To refuse would be ungracious; moreover, she could risk no misinterpretation of her acts, and she accepted.
  • The misinterpretation probably arose at first from my having defended (after Renouvier) the indeterminism of our efforts.
  • And I see the same kind of misinterpretation put on the words of other writers, whenever they require the same kind of thought.
  • It is possible, however, that a tradition of human sacrifice may sometimes have been a mere misinterpretation of a sacrificial ritual in which an animal victim was treated as a human being.
  • As Mr. Barker may not be alone in a slight misinterpretation of Fabian doctrine it may be well to take this opportunity of refuting the error.
  • It seemed to her suddenly that the Governor, whom she had thought commonplace, towered an immense vague figure in a cloud of misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

Definition of Misinterpretation

An instance of misinterpreting.
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