Misinterpreted In A Sentence

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  • He misinterpreted this.
  • Had he misinterpreted on his entrance?
  • Finlay also saw it and misinterpreted it.
  • Hildreth has misinterpreted me ...
  • It leads to our being misinterpreted as a nation.
  • He even misinterpreted my silences.
  • Banks, naturally, misinterpreted my embarrassment.
  • Peter Quick Banta misinterpreted this sign of interest.
  • Barrett misinterpreted Lane's interest.
  • Harry, in his "simple" way, misinterpreted this irresolution.
  • But who hasn't had his best actions misinterpreted by calumny?

How To Use Misinterpreted In A Sentence?

  • She glanced up at him, caught his eyes on her and misinterpreted their wondering expression.
  • Quite naturally, being a young man in love, he misinterpreted all that he had seen and heard.
  • And one glance under the bank showed that I had not misinterpreted his demonstrations.
  • The Swastika is misinterpreted by so-called Western expounders of our ancient Jain philosophy.
  • She had misinterpreted his motive and had believed that he had come to confess to her his own failure.
  • We found that through a misinterpreted order the captain of the troop and eight men had gone forward.
  • I mention this because otherwise busybodies might have misinterpreted the arbitrary action of his executors to the detriment of his fame.
  • When we say that our eyes deceive us, we really confess that we have misinterpreted the data that our sight has furnished.
  • What I do mean is that if there had been insight sufficient all round the nations concerned would not have misinterpreted each other.
  • Miss Vanborough misinterpreted the meaning of the young man's confused looks and silence.
  • She complained of her words being often misinterpreted by strangers who came to visit her, hence her great reluctance to admit travellers into her presence.
  • But I formed the opinion even then that the power of the Emperor in Germany was a good deal misinterpreted and overestimated.
  • They claim that the good intentions of the Popes were grossly misinterpreted and the system of indulgences was put to uses for which it was never intended.
  • On the other hand, if he called at the door of his friend, and he was not at home, he did not go again; concluding that he had misinterpreted the intimations.
  • He had been watching the judge and the jury and had apparently misinterpreted their surprise, assuming it to be due to his own remarkable powers of discrimination; and his confidence had revived accordingly.

Definition of Misinterpreted

simple past tense and past participle of misinterpret
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