Misrepresent In A Sentence

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  • Never misrepresent goods, nor allow others in your employ so to do.
  • The others, more or less fraudulently published, misrepresent him.
  • Those, who have, or will misrepresent us, time will do us justice.

How To Use Misrepresent In A Sentence?

  • For the sake of making an important sale they were often inclined to misrepresent his goods.
  • That the paper should misrepresent him is nothing; that he should represent himself is bad taste.
  • But this is entirely to misrepresent the place which they really occupy in the system of Nature.
  • The facts are very little known, because it was the interest of many persons to misrepresent and conceal them.
  • I have given these two versions of the same story, as they show the reader how easy it is to garble accounts and misrepresent facts.
  • Then who are they who misrepresent the purpose of democracy under Wilson that they may defeat all democracy to all men?
  • After the severe reprimand she had received it was hardly probable that Evelyn would again misrepresent matters.
  • But I would not attempt by any sophistry to misrepresent slavery in order to prove its dreadful wickedness.
  • The poets, however, did not so much endeavor to misrepresent as to ridicule the Jews and their converts.
  • He is thinking of the fact that it is real faith in God which leads men to doubt the dogmas which misrepresent God.
  • How far did her church represent the accessible Jesus of Nazareth, to whom all were welcomed, or how far did it misrepresent him?
  • I have not purposed to misrepresent this boy in any way, for what little indignation he excited in me soon passed and left nothing behind it but compassion.
  • They seize every opportunity to misrepresent her doctrine, to travesty her history, and to denounce her as retrograde, old fashioned, and out of date.

Definition of Misrepresent

To represent falsely; to inaccurately portray something.
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