Misrepresentation In A Sentence

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  • Slander and misrepresentation will soon cease.
  • There has been much misrepresentation on this subject.
  • It is a complete misrepresentation to say he did so.
  • There had been no misrepresentation of his income or his risks.
  • Duplicity and misrepresentation are not confined to patent medicines.
  • African tribes, courtship among, 42 America, English misrepresentation of, 62.

How To Use Misrepresentation In A Sentence?

  • What had been the need of that misrepresentation and why did she lie before she was driven to it?
  • His powers of misrepresentation would have raised him to an eminence among obstructionists.
  • The chief cause is the misrepresentation of religion by the religious leaders and teachers.
  • The company cannot keep a contract obtained by the misrepresentation or fraud of its agents.
  • The strike was buried beneath a deluge of abuse, misrepresentation and vilification.
  • The gentleman has made a total misrepresentation of the demand of Great Britain in the matter.
  • The charge of irreligion seems based upon the misconception or the misrepresentation of their orthodox critics.
  • The extent of circulation is a matter of almost constant misrepresentation on the part of publishers or their agents.
  • It is only the misrepresentation of love in literature that is bad, as the poisoning of love in life is bad.
  • Whatever personal malice may originate of misrepresentation or abuse of me in this matter, gives me no concern.
  • As it is, however, this misrepresentation of speeches is only a part of a vast journalistic misrepresentation of all life as it is.
  • The capitalist press organized a systematic campaign of calumny and misrepresentation against Anarchists.
  • But these generous 'accommodations' of Paul produced more of misrepresentation than of conciliation.
  • Exhausted by anxiety and misrepresentation he died on the 9th of September, his death shortly preceding the fall of Delhi.
  • Therefore Dr. Davis has no excuse for so scandalous a misrepresentation of these events, in any communications or suggestions by unknown parties.
  • The Boreas of criticism blew his hardest blasts of misrepresentation and ridicule for some years, and I was even as one of the wicked.
  • Violent and unprincipled as he certainly was, the peculiar dissolute caddishness implied in the anecdotes is probably a misrepresentation of the kind that arises so easily against a man who has no friends.
  • In the treatment of the medical profession, many writers on ethics have been as unfair, as in their misrepresentation of the general moral sense with reference to warfare.
  • They were in truth the protest of a lively common sense against a strained, morbid, and often sophistical, misrepresentation of human nature and human circumstance.

Definition of Misrepresentation

Erroneous or false representation; an unfair or dishonest account or exposition; a false statement: as, to injure one's character by misrepresentations. | Incorrect or unfaithful representation in the capacity of agent or official representative, such as of a principal in a matter of business, or of constituents in legislation. | In map-making, faultiness in a map projection, estimated with regard to its unequal scale in different parts and to its distortion of angles.
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