Misrepresented in a sentence

Definition of Misrepresented

simple past tense and past participle of misrepresent

Short Example Sentence for Misrepresented

  • 1. Are you misrepresented and calumniated?
  • 2. Even the mineral waters are misrepresented and lied about.
  • 3. Yet few have been more misrepresented by theological and Conservative writers.
  • 4. Mr. Conkling was much misrepresented and of course he was much misunderstood.

How to use Misrepresented in a Sentence?

  • 1. When all I had to do was to recall the way people misrepresented things I had done!
  • 2. In all such matters, we of this country allow ourselves to be misrepresented by a comparatively few impudent people, with their own ends to serve.
  • 3. With regard to the person of Richard, it appears to have been as much misrepresented as his actions.
  • 4. This idea has led to grave misunderstanding abroad, and indeed no phase of Japanese life has been so misrepresented as this.
  • 5. Older American historians misrepresented the fight as a cruel massacre of non-combatants and asserted that Brant was present.
  • 6. The only question in my mind was how far I could afford to be misrepresented as laughing at that for which I have the most profound admiration.
  • 7. Madame Stowe has caricatured, slandered and misrepresented her country, to please the English people.
  • 8. Few words will be necessary by way of preface to this book, which is designed as an introduction to a little understood and much misrepresented subject.
  • 9. One evil to which secret societies are always exposed is the chance of the objects and principles of their members being misrepresented by those interested in resisting their power and influence.
  • 10. That he did not truthfully explain anything, in fact, misrepresented the whole, was only too natural for Black Snake.
  • 11. The offer you sanctioned of Enrica's hand to Count Marescotti, has been misrepresented to him.
  • 12. He has been even grossly misrepresented by theological opponents; but no critic or historian has ever questioned his genius, his learning, or his piety.
  • 13. It were vain to enter upon the various systems and opinions, in which this important doctrine has been misrepresented by its enemies, and often perverted by those who profess to be its friends.
  • 14. He shared the fate of his predecessors who had adopted a similar policy, for he discovered that he was being misrepresented in London by his personal enemies.
  • 15. The highly educated and refined lady had lost her husband by an accident in Switzerland, which had been misrepresented by some of the newspapers as suicide.
  • 16. No doubt it has been most scandalously misrepresented by the cotton-mongering orators, but it is a great word, and a wise word, if truly and thoroughly understood.
  • 17. Those views may be misrepresented hereafter, as they have been heretofore; but they cannot be misunderstood by any one who desires, or who is even willing, to understand them.
  • 18. As it was, if her "fact" had been a reality we should have been compelled to account for the placid progress of events by the supposition that she had utterly misrepresented the characters of the persons involved.