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  • She went through without missing a word.
  • He quarreled again with MacDonald, not missing a word.
  • Without missing a note she pointed to the bed and the peaceful sleeper.
  • If you locate a copy you'll know why we say you aren't missing a thing.
  • Jane, leaning forward, not missing a word, felt his magnetism.
  • The Table of Contents is also missing a reference to Sonnet.
  • A Captain-General of the Philippines missing a shot, like a raw hunter?

How To Use Missing A In A Sentence?

  • Ida was missing a great deal, and more because she did not even know what she missed.
  • He climbed with difficulty, missing a stair once in a while, and breathing hard.
  • For two hours the Cormorant drove upstream without missing a stroke of her engines.
  • He told the story of his journey to Wednesford calmly and quietly, without missing a detail.
  • It was he who brought down the Zeppelin over Brussels and went missing a few days later.
  • On page 39, the paragraph beginning with "Indeed," seems to be missing a quotation mark.
  • They came to me, 'Look-y here, Grandpa, sure you're not missing a point in the game?
  • All she did was to squatter under the weight of the water like a duck, her propellers never missing a stroke!
  • There is perhaps something missing, a complement by the addition of which the theory would be made completely satisfactory.
  • It took her a few days to go through her task, for she was fearful of missing a line in those carefully docketed piles of papers.
  • She had slipped out on to the veranda of the hotel and had waited for him, thereby missing a dance and inconveniencing at least one partner.
  • When everything is stirred smooth and bubbling, toss in the kirsch without missing a stroke of the fork and get to dunking.
  • We grow up into our ages if we are born old, and we grow out of them, like missing a train, if our essential age is young.
  • Without Agnes it would be incomplete, as without her there would be missing a most important part in the future pattern of his life.
  • Were it known in the morning that he was missing, a hundred messengers from Mexico would carry the news to every town and village in the country.
  • I had recovered all my usual vigour, and I accompanied my converter to church every day, never missing a sermon.
  • I learnt all my lessons without missing a word for many months, that I might be worthy to watch her in the nursery during my play-hours.
  • The awful agony of the first clod, falling with hollow sound, the tearing rush of memory, the gasp of the heart, missing a beat!
  • In a phaeton drawn by a quiet old pony, they travelled about the district, never missing a daily visit to the Catholic Church.
  • To meet with a far weaker evidence than we had taken it for granted we were to find, gives the same shake to the mind, that missing a stair gives to the body.
  • Diva silently and hastily unwound her cloud from over her ears, risking catching cold in the hole where her tooth had been, so terrified was she of missing a single syllable.
  • He cannot endure the thought of missing a game of football; and as for striped clothes, though very comfortable, perhaps, he is sure they would not be becoming.
  • There was a very small tea-set with at least half of the cups missing, a wooden horse which only possessed three legs, and the remains of a regiment of battered tin soldiers.
  • She had even made considerable proficiency in writing; could sign her own name without missing a letter, and so legibly, that her aunts could read it without spectacles.
  • Both men and women were naked, and the dexterity and speed with which they paddled their canoes down the stream, working the coarse net at the same time, seldom missing a fish, was simply marvellous.
  • While at sea, the boy kept a full log, intended for the perusal of his relatives at home; and while on land, he corresponded with them regularly and fully, never missing a mail.
  • He took up his bowl and his soap, and got his lather by the time the hare came quite close, then he soaped her and shaved her as she raced along, without giving her a cut or missing a single hair.
  • Stingaree felt that he was missing a strong face finely convulsed with passion--as indeed he was.
  • The penalty for missing a train was ten days' hard labor splitting infinitives in the government tract-factory.
  • Chain 1, a double in each treble and in space; narrow 11 stitches from middle of toe by putting hook through 2 stitches at once, or by missing a stitch, also at middle of toe, join.
  • Now my name would figure in no despatches, unless as "missing," a bitter disappointment, when I had so slowly and painfully gained something of a position.
  • Nussing revenge iz like missing a yung hedgehog--the older he grows, the sharper hiz quills.
  • Tommy grumbled a little at the idea of missing a little possible excitement, but the two lads entered the cabin and closed the door while Will and George started away toward the signals.
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