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  • Her mission in life was not finished!
  • We have to fulfil a great mission in common.
  • His mission in life was to get his sheep through.
  • He soon grew to see a duty, a mission in it.
  • I do not interpret his Parliamentary mission in that way!
  • The latter was charged with a mission in the Soudan.
  • Otherwise I seem to have fulfilled my mission in life.
  • Such, indeed, was my mission in London.
  • The Americans had finished their mission in Pinega.
  • There is to be a Mahommedan Mission in England.
  • Me go to mission in Chinatown, San Flancisco.
  • He executes his mission in a most clever and courageous manner.
  • It had almost become a little settlement or mission in itself.
  • My mission in life is to correct that want in your spiritual nature.
  • I was wondering last night what my mission in this place could be.
  • He was made superior of the Mohawk mission in place of Pierron.
  • Chan Sui Chung had over fifty baptisms in his mission in 1899.
  • This is the furthest inland of the stations of the Inland Mission in China.
  • It is a mission in charge of the Rev. Mr. Schonenburg, of the Berlin Society.

How To Use Mission In In A Sentence?

  • What was the deeper significance of this visit to the grave, and of her mission in the mountains?
  • Now they were changing their quarters, to continue their lawless mission in some country town.
  • Whereas if she never knew he cared she might go about finding a mild mission in life.
  • The mission, in the first step, furnishes the nature of the appropriate effect desired.
  • I explained the reasons why they must wait for a mission in order that they may reach Heaven.
  • By the word 'doulos' he meant to say that his mission in life was to work, to do good, to serve.
  • This mission seems to have been a continuation of the mission in 1601 of Winter and Tesimond.
  • His name was John, and his mission in life was closely connected with that of Jesus.
  • To eat the Twelve-spotted Crioceris is its mission in life, its special function.
  • A good many years ago I was conducting a special mission in the neighbourhood of Chelsea.
  • A letter from Father Chaumonot at the mission in Onondaga reported favorable progress.
  • We run a mission in the South-West of London, with the object of helping young girls.
  • There is a Catholic Mission in Tongchuan, but the priest does not associate with the Protestant.
  • Thus the simple little parachute will have performed its useful mission in the triumphal progress of aeronautics.
  • It was obviously their mission in life to see that nothing untoward or unexpected happened, but only the obvious.
  • She was (she assured herself) genuinely absorbed in the development of a new mission in which she aspired to be influential.
  • He has been on a mission in the interests of his father to obtain certain information, though he holds no official position.
  • We would be most happy to hear your views concerning the interest of our race in general, and of your mission in particular.
  • But comparatively early in life he deserted his profession in order to devote himself to what he considered his mission in life, philosophy.
  • Clovis had entrusted him with his ring, as proof of his mission, in case he should deem the maiden worthy to be the bride of his king.
  • She and her mother were then living in a quiet hotel near my house while her father was off on some board mission in the West.
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