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  • Jesuit missions in 1656.
  • They also have some missions in the mountains near by.
  • They have many convents and many missions in their charge.
  • By 1668 many missions were strung along the waterways.
  • Methodist missions in Rome, 289, 290.
  • These missions cannot become Roman Catholic or infidel.
  • Because these missions are born through wisdom and sound judgment.
  • I can tell you the story of Indian missions by relating one incident.
  • Our historian does the same for the missions in Calamianes and Cuyo.
  • But, I repeat it, these two missions of the law contradict each other.
  • The English missions again could not compare with the Irish.
  • He went to the American missions after having taught moral theology at Toledo.

How To Use Missions In A Sentence?

  • Their missions are very dangerous and the people of some of them are harsh and fierce.
  • I imagine they had criticized missions of all denominations pretty thoroughly.
  • Protestant schools and missions have been established at many important places.
  • It would be so easy for him to go on one of his secret missions and never return.
  • The missions must be so assigned that each order has its own territory, separate from the others.
  • He was twenty-five miles away attending one of his missions when the blizzard was at its height.
  • The fellow was quite harmless, a person from whom murder and secret missions were miles asunder.
  • But there followed the protest of the military missions of the Entente, followed by open threats.
  • I have ridden on pleasanter missions than the one that took us to Stony Crossing that day.
  • Ben Attash, the director of the missions of Irak, had given permission to exercise this office.
  • Nations do not go to war over their causes, or about their distinctive virtues and missions in the world.
  • The missions were firmly organized and devoutly conducted, and there were eighteen of them by the end of the century.
  • We received eight missions in this province, which were the eight regularly organized villages which then existed.
  • When people learn to love missions as much and as often as they do a good cigar and a cup of coffee there will be no need of mite boxes.
  • But it would be well if, on a change of administration, removals of heads of missions were the exception rather than the rule.
  • They reassumed their missions there in the year one thousand eight hundred and five, when the cause that occasioned their cession ceased to exist.
  • An interesting chapter of ecclesiastical history is provided in the accounts of the early Recollect missions in the islands.
  • He was sent while still a novice to the missions at Buayen, where he labored faithfully and zealously until his death.
  • He referred to my several missions to Turkey, and said he, too, was there frequently when he was in the navy.
  • Dwight, of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions in Western Turkey.
  • It is said that a high dignitary of the Church was once making a winter tour through his missions in the North-west.
  • In the Christian Missions they have an admirable organization ready to hand which merely requires encouragement and support.
  • San Antonio enumerates the curacies in the archbishopric, and the convents and missions of the calced Augustinians.
  • I have been entrusted by the Emperor himself with missions which would have tested the courage of any man, and I have not failed.
  • The missions spread farther, and a large part of the island is subdued to the Christian faith and the crown of Spain.
  • This Association is closely related to the great work in this Empire through the missions in our own country among the Chinese.

Definition of Missions

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mission | plural of mission
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