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  • She had a missive in her hand.
  • She tore the missive into bits.
  • He ran through the missive and frowned.
  • He took the missive and laid it aside.
  • The missive brought a frown to my face.
  • Ivan read this short missive till he had it by rote.
  • Sara sighed as she dropped her missive into the letter-box.
  • He laid the missive on his desk with a full-bosomed sigh.
  • See, this missive is signed by his own noble hand!
  • He laid this missive down, and sighed deeply.
  • This important missive soon found its way to the governor.
  • I stood silent, with the mysterious missive in my hand.
  • And he pointed to an open missive in his friend's hand.
  • In this missive I kiss your handsome grey eyes a thousand times.
  • The first one that caught his eye was a missive from Lady Monteagle.
  • Certainly General Dorrien's ill-conditioned missive was powerless to do so.

How To Use Missive In A Sentence?

  • Who could she ask to stand at the shrubbery gate and give to the stranger a missive from herself?
  • Rose read the addresses; there was more than one missive for each member of the family.
  • The missive showed signs of age, and, having traveled much, had reached its destination at last.
  • His Excellency immediately dispatched this missive to Vienna, and drove back home.
  • I want the sheets of 'Sir B.' collectively from the part where the last missive ended.
  • Summoned I came, by one brief missive telling That all I left behind and loved had died.
  • Nor did he ever take them into his confidence with regard to what the contents of that scented missive might be.
  • It was not alone that he had nothing to report; it was that the tone of the missive was irritated and impatient.
  • Had his mind been less blunted he would have thought twice before trusting the missive into her keeping.
  • Wheelwright took the despatch, and at once perceived from the superscription, that it was a missive from his counsel.
  • On opening it, the missive proved to be an invitation for that evening to a wedding for the whole party.
  • Dexter felt better after this was done, and the jacket-pocket a little bulgy in which his missive was stuffed.
  • He read the incriminating missive two or three times, and on each perusal the revelation seemed to become more and more atrocious.
  • Such a letter is much more certain of speedy attention and prompt returns than the rambling, incoherent missive of the unaccustomed writer.
  • And at last she wrote her absent lover a missive that has been numbered by ~cognoscenti~ among the great love letters of the ages.
  • Though to all appearances perfectly happy, her face wore an expression of sadness, and tears fell on the missive in her hand.
  • A strange impulse to possess the missive swept over him at this, and his hand leaped out to seize it; but the look in her eyes detained him.
  • For a few seconds Jack held the mysterious missive in his hand, and then suddenly he burst out laughing.
  • Whatever the Princess's missive contained, it certainly caused him both annoyance and alarm.
  • Upon receipt of the missive containing this intimation the Tried Reformer was almost beside himself.
  • Simon grinned broadly, as, by a nod and wink toward the opposite side of the street, he indicated whence the missive had come.
  • Then, as young Mercury went whistling down the stairs, he turned the blue missive over and over in his fingers.
  • She read the letter through hurriedly, re-read it, and then, pressing the missive to her lips, laid it down on the table.

Definition of Missive

Specially sent; intended or prepared to be sent. | (obsolete) Serving as a missile; intended to be thrown. | (formal) A written message; a letter, note or memo.
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