Missives In A Sentence

Definition of Missives

plural of missive

How To Use Missives In A Sentence?

  • She had written those two missives during the night, and after the departure of her visitors.
  • Ben wrote a beautiful hand, and his missives to Dolly were long and affectionate.
  • She did not ask to see it, and Leila took both missives and presently went away to the stables.
  • Otoyo was so excited and happy over these missives that she seemed to be in a state of semi-exaltation for the better part of a week.
  • On one side of these missives the sender writes the name and address of his correspondent; on the other, the communication intended for him.
  • So she slipped Theodora's two missives into her blouse and walked towards the door.
  • These missives were not things to disobey, and it was in no very joyful mood I broke the tidings to my host.
  • And a good letter-writer, as well, must "know his dictionary and grammar" to render his missives presentable.
  • Many a time have I seen these interesting little missives let down past my balcony to the waiting gallant below, and his drawn up.
  • Thomasson having gone to the telephone to inform the police of the tragic affair, the pair busied themselves in piecing together the various missives and reading them.
  • Wellington wrote beautiful missives breathing more and more of commercialized ideals and less and less of esthetic dreams, and not at all of the faith that had marked the spiritual refinement of his young manhood.
  • The principal gentry of the colony received invitations, which were distributed to their residences far and near by messengers on horseback bearing missives sealed with all the formality of official despatches.
  • In the purchase of stamps for these egoistic missives the remainder of the time passed, and before he realized the half-hour was gone, he saw his father standing in the doorway.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Missives | Missives Sentence

  • So Sir John got both missives in the end.
  • Among them were missives from Ben Snow and Chet Anderson.

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