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  • The tops of hills that rose above the up-creeping houses were misted green.

How To Use Misted In A Sentence?

  • Your eyes and your ears are grown dull, Abraham, and perhaps your mind is misted also.
  • The Love of God shrined in the flesh once more, And glowing softly like a misted sun.
  • From the field on the slopes above the village, he could see the hills across the valley, misted in the sun.
  • His were boyishly ardent but solemn, hers were misted over with tears, but brighter and bluer than the stone upon her finger.
  • Gregg shifted himself to a more comfortable position, as is the immemorial custom of story tellers, and his glance misted a little with the flood of recollections.
  • When that finally blended with the smoke from other funnels which misted into the under surface of the blue sky, he turned about and stared wearily at the jumble of buildings which marked the city that was left.
  • Caldwell wasn't more than twenty-two or three, but the screen's opalescence silvered his hair and misted the outlines of his jaw, giving him an aspect of senility.

Definition of Misted

simple past tense and past participle of mist
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