Mistook In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mistook | Mistook Sentence

  • Evidently he mistook them for his friends.
  • Sometimes they were mistook for tranquilizers.
  • I have mistook your person all this while.
  • He mistook her meaning.
  • Probably he mistook some other bird for him.
  • It is possible that you mistook my meaning.
  • She mistook his question utterly.
  • You mistook the meaning of my words.
  • Tortoise mistook their shouts for applause.
  • Possibly they mistook him for some different animal.
  • I mistook the meaning of his words.
  • Carlyle mistook pleasure for happiness.
  • Perhaps the man mistook him for some kind of an animal.
  • His friend mistook him in the twilight and shot him.
  • You mistook a poisonous tree for a sandal-tree.
  • I mistook you, upon my word!
  • He mistook the gesture, and went on in his error.
  • Her lips were trembling, and again he mistook the symptoms.
  • Probably she mistook you; probably she thought you cared.
  • He knocked against stones; he mistook his way.
  • The mullah mistook the shudder for one of another kind.
  • Hence his reticence, which people mistook for pride.
  • She did not recognize us, but mistook us for robbers.
  • I was sad, resigned, and they mistook the appearance of it.
  • Could it be that they really mistook me for Wolstang?
  • They mistook them for English soldiers.
  • I bear witness, though sadly she mistook her way.
  • But how we all so much mistook I know not.
  • What Morrison mistook for love was only passion.
  • He mistook his ideas, his dreams, for real things.
  • I do, sir; I only mistook the word.
  • Mrs. St. Cloud mistook her attitude, or seemed to.
  • I mistook one of his Belts for a new Belt Railroad.
  • Considering that he was mistook for me more than once, it was just as well.
  • Probably he did not; and you mistook him as you have mistaken me.
  • I mistook it for an indication that he was getting weary of my talk.
  • Perhaps it was rather a passive jealousy which he mistook for hatred.
  • The few chickens in the settlement mistook the clock and went to roost.

How To Use Mistook In A Sentence?

  • He so loved the thing he had created that in his exultation he mistook it for her.
  • The child mistook this for a confession of his inability to do what she wished.

Definition of Mistook

simple past tense of mistake
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