Mists in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Mists

1. Exquisite violet mists rolled back to the mountains. 🔊

2. Her eyes flashed through the mists of vexation that suggested tears. 🔊

3. Blue peaks and waving palms recede into the mists of falling night. 🔊

4. They had penetrated the mists of alcohol, and stirred a belated contrition. 🔊

5. All shrouded by the curtain dark Of mists which from the river rise. 🔊

How to use Mists in Sentences?

1. It was early morning and the purple mists hung over the entrance to the harbour. 🔊

2. The party returned and rode together into the mists that hung below the bridge. 🔊

3. It was as though the mists and shadows of his land lay upon his spirit and would not be lifted. 🔊

4. Suddenly through the mists of the morning Judy saw a carriage coming down the road. 🔊

5. At last, amidst the grey mists afar off, between sky and earth, I can just make out a dark speck. 🔊

6. The mists drifting among these mountains and pinnacles of stone only seemed to make them more stately. 🔊

7. This time there was no mistake, the canoe proved as dry as a bottle, and we paddled bravely on through the mists of night. 🔊

8. Then she sat up, and her face showed that the mists were beginning to clear from that doleful future which had haunted her since last night. 🔊