Misunderstand In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Misunderstand | Misunderstand Sentence

  • Do not misunderstand it.
  • Do not misunderstand me.
  • Will you forever misunderstand me?
  • Gilbert could not but misunderstand her.
  • You misunderstand me entirely.
  • Stupid people misunderstand him.
  • You must not misunderstand my silence.
  • He could not pretend to misunderstand the girl.
  • Her earnestness left no room to misunderstand her.
  • The notes are all right; so do not misunderstand me.
  • Perhaps I do misunderstand you.
  • Or did I misunderstand you?
  • This is completely to misunderstand Plato.
  • But, Clodius, do not misunderstand what has happened.
  • Mary, I beg of you, do not misunderstand me.
  • But Mrs. Rossiter chose to misunderstand her.
  • Pray don't misunderstand me.
  • Don't misunderstand me!
  • Don't misunderstand me.
  • Oh, don't misunderstand me.
  • But we were too good friends to misunderstand one another in the matter.
  • I knew she remembered me, and that she did not misunderstand my presence.
  • It was stupid of her to misunderstand the good woman, but she did.
  • Yes, they are very valuable, don't misunderstand me.
  • Speak out in a plain, manly way, so that no one can misunderstand you.
  • And all I ask is that you don't misunderstand me.
  • Again, you misquote and misunderstand Huxley, who is a complete convert.
  • No, you misunderstand me," resumed the Keeper; "or rather you are no lawyer.
  • You misunderstand me, Miss Whichello, so I must speak more explicitly.

How To Use Misunderstand In A Sentence?

  • So do we misunderstand the feelings and motives of our best friends in this world.
  • For he says that they are drunken with wine who misunderstand and pervert the sacred scriptures.
  • Some evil spirit always seemed to accompany him and induce people to misunderstand his intentions.
  • Dare the headstrong boy affect to misunderstand that he had driven Enrica to renounce him?
  • Perhaps it was just as well that James Thorpe could not see that smile, and misunderstand it.
  • I want to make a suggestion, Mr. Nelson, and hope you will not misunderstand me.
  • The ears of those who misunderstand the words of the Master should be cut off: as XXIV.
  • Most likely they will misunderstand it, and it will become to them a stone of stumbling and a rock of offence.
  • We have regular schools at home to teach us not to misunderstand the kind of equality that we believe in.
  • I need not alarm you on that score, but mention it as a warning you will not misunderstand or underrate after what you have been through.
  • They quite misunderstand the man who regard him as a progressive thinker; he was a conservative opportunist.

Definition of Misunderstand

(transitive) To understand incorrectly, while believing one has understood correctly.
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