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  • The widow had but two mites and she cast it all in.
  • The spiders and mites do not advance beyond this stage.
  • These mites injure the leaf by sucking sap from it.
  • In some parts of Italy it is like mites on a cheese.
  • Very soon one of the mites fell ill and had to go to the workhouse hospital.
  • The two mites of the widow were in the eye of Christ a beautiful offering.
  • The widow's mites CR.

How To Use Mites In A Sentence?

  • Eyelids of alcoholic specimens were inspected for mites by an authority on these organisms.
  • Naphthaline crystals destroy mites and they cannot exist where it is abundantly present.
  • Get these mites of children to pray, and to say the Rosary for that particular purpose.
  • We now come to the genus Acarus (Tyroglyphus), of which the cheese and sugar mites are examples.
  • The careful father brushed their hair very nicely and washed their mites of faces with great regularity.
  • The bath in salt water will remove the tiny and almost invisible mites and slugs that cling to these greens.
  • There was a whirlwind rush down the stairs, and the mites were caught up in their father's arms.
  • So saying she led in the two little mites in question, who were beaming with smiles at their unexpected drive.
  • They are like rats in a mansion, or mites in a cheese, bespeaking the antiquity and fatness of their abode.
  • Some parts of the forest were perfectly dense down to the ground, so that we must cut our way like mites in a cheese.
  • They are like rats in a mansion, or mites in a cheese, bespeaking the antiquity and fatness of their abode.
  • After attaining this form, its small abdomen begins to enlarge until it assumes a globular form, and the mass of mites look like little beads.
  • We are informed that DN 111 will kill the eggs as well as the mites and will kill aphids at the same time.
  • Because bacilli are found in phthisis, it is no more certain that they are the cause of phthisis than it is certain that cheese mites are the cause of cheese.
  • In one caravan that Gordon rescued there were ninety slaves, very few over sixteen, most of them little mites of boys and girls, perfect skeletons.
  • I have also observed another mite devouring the Aphides on the rose leaves in my garden, so that a few mites may be set down as beneficial to vegetation.

Definition of Mites

plural of mite
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