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How To Use Mitigate In A Sentence?

  • The misunderstanding which had facilitated the revolution tended to mitigate its after effects.
  • He did every thing in his power to mitigate the measureless distress of the citizens.
  • Many means have been tried to mitigate the social evils, but with little encouragement.
  • These are the usual concomitants of true greatness, and serve to mitigate its splendour.
  • Only the nights befriend And mitigate the hell; Of those who ponder, see and hear, Too well.
  • He was not likely to incur personal discomfort to mitigate evils that were only afflicting someone else.
  • Yet none of these considerations would be suffered in any way to mitigate the penalties due to their very serious offence.
  • But she had no sooner uttered these words than she laughed all amicably, as if to mitigate their too personal application.
  • Can we mitigate the negative effects of intellectual property expansion through a series of privately constructed commons?
  • In the meantime one can only suggest that mistresses must endeavour individually to mitigate some of the disadvantages of domestic service.
  • Marian could blame no one but herself, and the fact that her intentions had been of the best did not mitigate the tragedy she had perpetrated.
  • The question is, whether their course of procedure is ever likely to remove or mitigate the evils of slavery.
  • It strives to restate the better aspirations of men generally, and to mitigate some of the pressure that civilization imposes upon them.
  • However, in order somewhat to mitigate the cruelty of the deception, it is found necessary to negotiate a little.
  • The attempt to reduce greenhouse gases and mitigate the damage from global warming cuts across every aspect of the economy.
  • Again the young man exercised his power of gesture, his dark eyes seeming to plead his own helpless desire to mitigate his words.
  • No sense of her goodness, her injury and nobility, and the enormous generosity of her forgiveness, sufficed to mitigate that.
  • To solve this great difficulty, or at least to mitigate the stupendous darkness in which it seems enveloped, various theories have been employed.
  • As for Nell, there was only a single thing to mitigate her misery, and of this she was hardly conscious.
  • To mitigate these, we form associations, organize societies, spend money, and labour in committees.
  • In Europe they were compelled to live in common and mitigate their rule, and they became known as one of the mendicant orders.
  • Nothing can mitigate these evils until woman is induced to view clothing as does the modern man, until, namely, she decides to wear a uniform.
  • High o'er his head aspired the spreading leaf, Too fondly meant to mitigate his grief.
  • Espinosa, who was his judge, was so dissatisfied with the verdict, however, that he personally besought Pedrarias to mitigate the sentence.
  • Even in connection with these very parties there were tendencies peculiar to themselves, which could not fail in the end to mitigate the force of their own contentions.
  • And you, Captain Shelley, are to blame for trying to mitigate your misfortune by charging your opponent with cowardice and cruelty.
  • The last thing to have entered her mind would have been to attempt to mitigate her offence by lying; she would not even palter with disingenuousness.
  • It was the highest luxury he knew, thus to mitigate the perplexities or wants of others, but it was only by accident that his family would discover it.
  • The whole world is concerned in anything that may bring about even a partial accommodation of interests or in any way mitigate the terrors of the present distressing conflict.
  • The important point to notice in connection with this is that, in order to mitigate the effect of this reduction, the same decree limited the tender of such billon money.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mitigate | Mitigate Sentence

  • He was unable to do more than mitigate her sufferings.
  • What can be done to mitigate the miseries of the masses?
  • My whole desire was to mitigate her fear and shrinking.
  • There was no sign to mitigate the severity of the infliction.
  • There was nothing that he could do to avert or to mitigate the tragedy.
  • Others seek by submission to mitigate the ferocity of the pagans.
  • Never does a soothing strain come in to mitigate the fatiguing suspense.
  • I tried to mitigate the sentence, but the poissarde was perfectly obdurate.
  • If I sat on the bench in such cases I would mitigate the sentence.
  • Each in his way, I mark, does all he can To mitigate my sorrow.

Definition of Mitigate

(transitive) To reduce, lessen, or decrease; to make less severe or easier to bear. | (transitive) To downplay.
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