Mitts in a sentence

Definition of Mitts

plural of mitt

How to use Mitts in a Sentence?

  • Almira drew on her mitts excitedly, tied on her shaker, and started for the door.
  • In half an hour Cameron discarded his mitts and unbuttoned his skin-lined jacket.
  • Tired as we were, we all pitched in and passed buckets until parkees and mitts and mukluks were incrusted with ice from water that was spilled.
  • He reaches out for one of the mitts and pokes a finger into the paddin', lookin' it over as if it was some kind of a curiosity.
  • One gets into the habit of turning the duffel lining of the moose-hide mitts inside out and hanging them up the moment one gets inside a cabin.

Short Example Sentence for Mitts

  • And she raised her black mitts in intense disdain.
  • He waves it around in his mitts and wobbles off toward the hole again.
  • I could see my future putting on the mitts and getting ready to hand me one.

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