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  • He who mixes with unclean things becomes unclean.
  • The father mixes a' wi' admonition due.
  • He mixes up what he has heard and seen with what he imagines.
  • He mixes around in so many sets that he's like to know 'most anybody.
  • This mixes with the food, and reduces it to a soft pulpy mass, called chyme.
  • The saucer in which M. Sucre mixes his ink, is in itself a little gem.
  • Once he mixes his tracks up with a bunch of wild mares he'll be all right.

How To Use Mixes In A Sentence?

  • The hydrogen first liberated mixes with the air contained in the generator.
  • Either of above mixes may be baked in a waffle iron instead of using the griddle.
  • These three ingredients she mixes in a bottle of water, which is to be used in her cooking.
  • In summer time the white of an egg beat up may be added with the water that mixes it.
  • The air laden with waste coming out of the lungs quickly mixes with the other air of the room.
  • A man who mixes up jewelled rings with undertone mutton and feeble coffee is a clumsy man.
  • He knows very well what he is doing when he mixes his language that way, the wicked old darling.
  • He mixes up the disks, hides them, shuffles the piles until another guess is made.
  • It gathers rock dust and the wreck of every living thing, and mixes them up with snow and ice.
  • Subjectivism, based on vital experience, mixes no better with this system than oil with water.
  • She collects all these fragments and mixes them with choice loam in the spots where the sanies abounds.
  • This powder should then be fused in the oxidation flame until it mixes with, and is thoroughly dissolved by the borax bead.
  • There it rests till the elements of decay in its bosom have finished their work, and it mixes with the dust.
  • The oxygen from a similar cylinder is then conducted through the inner tube, and mixes with the hydrogen at the end of the tube.
  • He writes in short chapters, and mixes his fools in such a manner that we always meet with a variety of new faces.
  • He mixes their bitterest cups like a wise physician, and takes care that they have not a drop too little or too much.
  • If the layer of fuel be thin, the carbonic acid formed in the first instance passes through the fuel and mixes with the other gases.
  • It mixes very well with tea and coffee, although it has a slight peculiar flavour, which after a time is not disagreeable.
  • They secrete an oily, unctuous substance, which mixes with the transpiration, and lubricates the skin.
  • The inhabitants of a village are never more pleased with their pastor than when he mixes a good deal of Latin in his sermon.
  • Finally, from a box containing common sand he puts two or three handsfull into the basin of water and thoroughly mixes up the contents of the bowl.
  • I think that one who mixes much with Americans long resident abroad must arrive at this conclusion.
  • The stream of air thus admitted is thrown directly upward, and slowly mixes with the heated air in the upper part of the room.
  • In the same way, he has, as yet, but small notion of the order of the days of the week, and mixes up the names of them.
  • The air strikes first the dark nucleus, and forcing the gases beyond it, mixes with them, by which oxygen is mingled freely with them.
  • Here one is still almost within the cathedral, and yet the carts are passing underneath, and their rattle mixes with the sound of the organ within.
  • The air that we exhale mixes with the air outside, and is rendered pure again by an automatic process that is always going on in Nature.
  • I have had some experience of women, and especially of the class which mixes in the secret politics of the European Courts.
  • He is largely trusted by the Moslems of Urmi and the neighbourhood, and mixes with them socially on friendly and easy terms.
  • While Mime quietly mixes his potion, Siegfried fastens the hilt to his blade and polishes the sword.
  • But you always feel somehow That he'll get what he goes after, When he mixes in a row.
  • Our detective mixes the particle of blood-stained wood, or earth, or dust, or cloth fibres, with water and caustic potash, and filters it.
  • Another device is to break a bit of glass into tiny slivers which the hunter mixes with grease and forms into little tablets that he leaves on the snow.

Definition of Mixes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mix | plural of mix
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