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  • Haggart moans softly.
  • Sing moans to such delightsome harmony?
  • Suddenly the cries and moans ceased.
  • The moans from the dungeons below rose across it all.
  • He moans again, trying to restrain himself.
  • But only low, unconscious moans answered him.
  • Only moans answered him; he grunted and turned to go.
  • With moans and groans Zensuke made his report.
  • The Celt Moans round with many voices.
  • I seem to hear their moans in the sob and swell of the music.
  • They could hear faint cries and moans from the crater before they got to it.
  • The quavering breath left his throat in long moans as he ran on and on and on.
  • She knits her brows and moans in her dreams, as if some enemy were near.
  • My Gawd!" moans Annie to the entire floor.
  • There he heard groans and moans as though some one were at Death's door.

How To Use Moans In A Sentence?

  • The singing and howling of the warriors was mingled with the moans of the dying.
  • There were dismal moans among soldiers who were in their last agonies between the cannon wheels.
  • The maiden was white from the pain, but she bravely repressed the moans that rose to her lips.
  • Their agonising moans soon became lamentable, and a great cracking sound was heard.
  • I seemed to lie prostrate for hours, while his moans came up fainter and fainter till they ceased.
  • The rustling of feet had ceased, the moans had died away, and the mine was as still as the grave.
  • Here she collapsed amid the cushions, her eyes open, moans coming from her shaking lips.
  • And hours afterward he would come limping in, and eat his grub with moans and groans, and sleep.
  • The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep Moans round with many voices.
  • Her moans were the ceaseless accompaniment to our talk of the night's disaster.
  • But even when these misfortunes chanced there was diversion to be had from the expectant moans of those who were awaiting a like fate.
  • No more was he lying upon a narrow cot listening to the moans of the wounded as he saw the dead carried out!
  • The boy's moans were stilled and he lay staring questioningly with large eyes at the surgeon.
  • Faint moans came out of the depths of the wilderness, as a stray wind wandered here and there among the leaves.
  • How long these invaluable shrieks and moans might be counted upon to continue became a vital question.
  • Moans escaped from his lips, moans of agony, as if unconsciously he was protesting against the painful return to consciousness.
  • In one of the darkest hours before the dawn he heard the familiar wails and moans of the headland cave rise briefly on the wind.
  • The demon-like screams of the savages, the shouts and moans and curses of our own men, made hearing horrible.
  • Soft explosions of music swept in thrilling moans through temple and cloister, the echoing walls resounding with ritournels of enthusiastic peace.
  • He tried twisting himself on the bed, resulting in awkward, halfway muscular contortions and gruff moans punctuating the failure.
  • Hearing his moans and the disturbance he made, the people in the house fancied he was mad, and called in a physician, who prescribed for him.
  • The wildness of the wind increased, the moans grew shriller, coming from several statues, and swelling into a chorus.
  • Dolly, in her little room, lay listening to the sobs and moans without, to the fierce hands beating and struggling with her window.
  • No; I hear his moans mingle threateningly with the roar of the Manitou's voice.
  • Where gazelles and camelopards drink, he crouches by the shore; Ominous, above the monster, moans the quivering sycamore.

Definition of Moans

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of moan | plural of moan
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