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  • I have my own modeling agency.

How To Use Modeling In A Sentence?

  • After about three or four minutes the plaster will be as stiff as modeling clay.
  • The variations exhibited in details of modeling are well shown by the illustrations.
  • Scheffer suggested modeling in clay, and the subject was taken up with avidity.
  • What we require of the tongue is that it shall act as a free agent in modeling the perfect word.
  • It is also of great value in modeling groundwork to be made in imitation of rock or wood.
  • These vessels are embellished by painting, incising, or scarifying and by modeling in relief.
  • Take some modeling clay, beat it out, and roll it into a smooth, square cake with parallel sides.
  • With this, and your modeling spatulas and other tools of steel, zinc, or hard wood (see Figs.
  • They are identical in style of modeling with the objects of gold and copper obtained from the same source.
  • Both the nose and the chin was of fine and rather delicate modeling without losing anything of vigor.
  • In wood turning a vast field for design and modeling is opened, and art and architecture can be correlated.
  • The walls are well chinked and well constructed, the mud mortar being used when about the consistency of modeling clay.
  • A statuette of myself in clay which a sculptor was modeling was left out one night on the porch, and in the morning its head was unusually bowed.
  • Very great interest attaches to the modeling of the tripod supports, upon which the potters have expended much time and ingenuity.
  • The makers of this pottery, like their brother artificers, took especial pleasure in the modeling of life forms.
  • In symmetry of outline, diversity of shape, and cleverness of modeling this ware takes a high rank, but there is no painted ornament.
  • Pretty, who had shown a wonderful gift for modeling in clay, was going some day to Paris to study sculpture.
  • The modeling is thoroughly well done, and the surface, which is of a somber, yellowish gray tint, is highly polished.
  • She also cultivated a beauty-manner, modeling herself on a certain Louisville belle whose manoeuvers she had observed with interest.
  • At the Academy, Michelangelo ceased to paint and draw, and devoted all his energies to modeling in clay.
  • The small size and the elaborate modeling of a majority of the pieces make it appear improbable that they were intended for use in ordinary cooking or even in the preparation of beverages.
  • The mud was used when about the consistency of modeling clay, and bears the imprints of the fingers that applied it; even the skin markings show clearly and distinctly.
  • I once achieved success with a tiny alligator, and delighted its bereaved owner, by filling it with clay on a core of excelsior, and modeling the form into perfect shape.
  • It was made to set quickly, and the modeling which was done on the surface of the cut bank, and in the bed of the stream, was done as soon as the soft material was put on.
  • The legs in this case are less perfectly adapted to the vessel than in the other examples, as if the potter, skillful in modeling the vessel, had only recently undertaken to add the tripod.

Definition of Modeling

present participle of model | The art of sculpting models from clay etc. to create a representation of something. | The representation of depth in a two-dimensional image.
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