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  • Lilieuthal was the fountain head of modern aviation.
  • I was also intensely interested in modern warfare.
  • It is a pretty modern town, in a charming situation.
  • The modern "people" did not exist.
  • Damn it, now, how like a modern man of the world that is!
  • The ancestry of modern Amphibia: a review of the evidence.
  • The modern spirit means, I suppose, a breathless vitality.
  • The Culture demanded by Modern Life.
  • What a treasure they would have been for a modern chatelaine!
  • There are hordes of such men as he throughout all the modern industrial world.
  • As a poet he stands high, even judged by a modern standard.
  • Browning, to cite a more modern author, affords many striking examples.
  • So far as I can discover, the prejudice against color is of modern origin.
  • Even the modern girl that we know isn't in the best possible taste.
  • If ever there was a modern version of St. Dorothy's roses it was there.

How To Use Modern In A Sentence?

  • The electrode plates of nearly all modern transmitters are of specially treated carbon.
  • I enjoyed rubbing my modern and desultory reading against their old-fashioned but solid knowledge.
  • There has, in fact, been a great change made in modern times in matters of dress.
  • Such a woman would make a capital heroine for a modern novel; she would stand a lot of analyzing.
  • In the name of Liberty some of the most precious art-work of modern days has been fired.
  • But the Spanish fleet was protected by land batteries and forts armed with modern guns.
  • Paris has been compared to ancient Athens; it may be compared with modern London.
  • He has no more notion, my dear Tom, of a modern "good match," than Eve had of pin money.
  • I always look back with particular exasperation to the cessation of our modern history at the year 1815.
  • Yet modern practice provides opportunities for a telephone system to inflict damage upon itself in that way.
  • Obviously the result would be the same if the magnet were stationary and the coils should rotate, which is the construction of more modern devices.
  • Speaking generally modern machines represent as a rule detail improvements rather than the complete changes of the past.
  • It had been added to, here and there, as modern wants and improvements had made expansion necessary.
  • But there is a difficulty in separating the germ from the flower, or in drawing the line which divides ancient from modern philosophy.
  • Beyond the fine old hall he saw the formal drawing-room and the modern octagonal dining-room at the back of the house.
  • But our modern world is burthened with its sense of the immense, now half articulate, significance of women.
  • In modern language they might be said to come first in the order of experience, last in the order of nature and reason.
  • I was delighted to observe how much a knowledge of Latin facilitated the acquisition of the modern tongue.
  • No state papers of modern times outrival Grey's diplomatic correspondence on the eve of the war.
  • Spinoza, who had but few followers during his lifetime, has been almost idolized by the most celebrated savants of modern Germany.
  • The battle which followed, on September 7th, was one of the most obstinate and sanguinary of modern times.
  • It was in that old study I so well remember, ere it was renovated to meet the demands of modern taste.
  • My husband was much interested, and declared the railroad across the Alps one of the finest works of modern engineering.
  • This roof, built "after the fire," is a modern invention, designed for the torture of whoever lives underneath.
  • I account him one of the real creators of the modern German navy, second only to von Tirpitz himself.

Definition of Modern

Pertaining to a current or recent time and style; not ancient. | (historical) Pertaining to the modern period (c.1800 to contemporary times), particularly in academic historiography. | Someone who lives in modern times.
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