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  • There are various modes of working metal.
  • He hears new modes of expression.
  • Describe any methods or modes of approach which have seemed successful?
  • I have now given several illustrations of modes of forming chairs.
  • The modes of initiation are more damaging than custom-house oaths.
  • Various different modes of obeisance are practised by the Muslims.

How To Use Modes In A Sentence?

  • Arkwright is properly regarded as the founder of the modern modes of manufacture.
  • This was the first of the three modes of action enumerated at the commencement of this discussion.
  • We have in the present grand alliance all modes of government, as well as all modes of religion.
  • Even as it stands, it will revolutionise not merely our modes of travel, but our industries.
  • Who shall set limits to the modes of knowledge possessed by an infinite, all-comprehending mind?
  • If these modes of escape all failed, Bran, in his small way, would do what he could for them.
  • Their report was accepted and since that time the modes of accounting have been the same at all the ports.
  • The relative frequency of these different modes of reaction would be a difficult matter to determine.
  • The fault of all these modes of thought and systems is that they stop short of defining substance as subject and as mind.
  • The two modes therefore form checks to each other and will aid very materially in restoring obliterated and doubtful days.
  • Mankind has almost universally come to regard certain acts as wrong and to prescribe definite modes of punishment.
  • He sees all the lovely influences of life as modes of light: the imagination itself is the world of light.
  • In all other modes of health culture there is a great deal of time consumed in certain exercises that are certain to be given up in time.
  • But in a manner not yet understood of the world he regarded sin and suffering as being in themselves beautiful holy things and modes of perfection.
  • As statesmen, we are to see which of those modes best suits with the interests of such a commonwealth as we wish to secure and promote.
  • Logic is sometimes restricted to denote the study of the conditions of derivative knowledge, of the canons of inference and the modes of proof.
  • I resolved to ignore them as far as possible: to treat them, that is to say, as modes of imperfection.
  • Every peculiarity and the whole difference of natural things, inorganic and living, depend solely on the different modes of this unity.
  • But one of Nature's most delightful modes of speech to man was soon to be utterly lost to him.
  • Of the many mouching modes for taking conies, ferretting, as already stated, and field netting are the most common.
  • Let us content ourselves to be earthly creatures, and hold communion of spirit in such modes as are ordained to us. . . .
  • Some of these parts are extremely interesting, especially as I am of course able to contrast them with our modern modes of thought and action.
  • It is the creation of institutions and uniformities, i.e. of laws, or rights, which express definite and stereotyped modes of behaviour.
  • The Indian differs from the white man in education and manner of life, and so, of course, in his modes of thought.
  • For modes of faith let graceless zealots fight; His can't be wrong whose life is in the right.
  • It is of all modes of flattery the most effectual, to be told that you can regulate the affairs of another kingdom better than its hereditary proprietors.
  • There are other modes besides the processes of animal life by which the reserved force laid up by the vegetable process in these unstable compounds may be released.
  • Both modes deal with glass as a hard, crystal-like substance; and consist in grinding the surface, and either leaving it "dead" or repolishing it.
  • The very sciences that deal with these different modes of matter and motion are now by no means as clearly marked off one from another as their earlier students thought they were.
  • Defective as was her instruction in the ordinary sense, those evenings spent in the company of the two men had done much to refine her modes of thought.
  • All that human mechanism can do is to provide modes for using advantageously a force previously existing, without the possibility of either increasing or diminishing it.
  • There is literally no end to the modes by which persons having the charge of young children can avail themselves of their vivid imaginative powers in inculcating moral lessons or influencing their conduct.
  • There are certain modes of divination which cannot properly be classed under the head of spiritual magic, but require a place between the account of this science and that of natural magic.
  • Somewhat unelastic, unpliant to the eye, attached to the old modes of thought and convention, but noble in quality and defects; I like her much.

Definition of Modes

plural of mode
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