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  • It would gain a modicum of time.
  • There is, of course, a modicum of reason in their attitude.
  • Youth would not understand it were it to speak a modicum of its thoughts.
  • Life to me is reduced to the smallest possible modicum of interest.
  • Fynniani uenisset, gaudium non modicum de eius aduentu omnes habuerunt.
  • There was a modicum of enjoyment with Whitaker around, hinted Kenny sullenly.
  • Also he enjoyed a fair modicum of sport--likewise free.

How To Use Modicum In A Sentence?

  • For the passage of the sun there is to be no eating, and but a modicum of drinking.
  • It was a stone that would please any woman with plenty of money and a modicum of taste.
  • It seems as though perfect joy must have its modicum of pain to make it perfect.
  • Such an opinion has its modicum of truth, though less now than a hundred years ago.
  • In fact, he fused into every picture that he painted a goodly modicum of his own spirit.
  • If but a modicum of that passion had been bestowed upon him by this girl, how changed the world would be for him!
  • These two archways were no doubt made to admit a modicum of light to what must always have been a dimly lighted choir.
  • He noted too with a modicum of dry amusement that the "investigation" element was entirely absent during his subsequent visits.
  • May it not be that our desire has only a certain modicum of power, and that it perishes, perhaps, of a too lavish effusion of its essence?
  • It was Margherita who brought me back to consciousness; it was she who restored to me a modicum of my self-respect.
  • He was only human after all, and that it annoyed and irritated Hartwell afforded him a modicum of legitimate solace.
  • These are derived interests, indispensable to the scholar, but quite separable from that modicum of philosophy which helps to make the man.
  • Theoretically this last process provides a modicum of Christmas cheer for certain carefully selected and organized poor people.
  • He himself was a good-hearted, plain man, with no savour of elegance about him, though with more than the usual modicum of sense and shrewdness.
  • The study of French consisted in learning parrot-like a modicum of that language pronounced according to the fancy of the speaker.
  • They held politicians of the Mackenzie stamp in still greater abhorrence, to which was added a large modicum of contempt.
  • We had part of a fore-quarter of very small mutton boiled, with a small modicum of potatoes; one man could have eaten the whole.
  • Their lords, easily satisfied with their modicum of labour, soon retire to enjoy their pipes and the endless gossip of Bakhtiari life.
  • The broiling heat in this part of the Indies one knows must, posthaste, carry to the humus and flies any modicum of human remains.
  • Its appearance showed that the physical vehicle was weakened to such a degree that it no longer presented any obstacle in the way of a certain modicum of etheric or astral vision.
  • For a little while he gained a modicum of comfort by swearing at the Administration, the President, the Cabinet.
  • In each pail a couple of pounds of flour had been stirred to help out what nourishment could be obtained from the leaves, and from the small modicum of grass given to each animal.
  • Some one before me found a modicum of sweets in his cup of bitterness, and in a complacent hour set the good against the evil in single entry, summing up the same to his advantage.
  • It smothers, but does not deluge; the modicum of water used to give momentum to the gas is soon evaporated by the heat, doing little or no damage to what is below.
  • He had become a reporter because he had no taste for business; and a newspaper office is the natural refuge for clever young men with a modicum of education, and the need of providing an income.

Definition of Modicum

A small, modest or trifling amount.
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