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  • Cette modification fut admise.
  • Welsh seems merely a modification of Gwyltiad.
  • A modification of this arrangement is shown in Fig.
  • Another modification is also correlated with these conditions.
  • The stitch of the vine is a modification of buttonhole-stitch.
  • This is but a modification of selfishness, which is not merely cutaneous.
  • Still another modification is where a portion only needs holding back.
  • Practically all agree that the bark graft or a modification thereof is best.
  • This modification also adapts the eye to view objects at different distances.
  • Y Yellow: used without modification is sulphur or lemon yellow.
  • New York Central control promised a modification of this situation.
  • A comber invented by John W. Nasmith is a modification of the foregoing.

How To Use Modification In A Sentence?

  • It is doubtless the effect of some modification of the black lamp which has done it.
  • They are therefore of opinion that terms ought to be made for the modification of that monarchy.
  • Such a scheme or modification of it has been put into successful practice on several estates.
  • The country was undoubtedly in a bad condition, and some modification of the law was desirable.
  • It is not necessary to take this modification as the ancestral condition in tetrapods, of course.
  • After some weeks spent in stormy negotiations, this modification of the articles was agreed upon.
  • A simple modification of the gravity-drop produces the visible signal shown in Fig.
  • Only the "Passage of the Red Sea" had once again undergone a modification and bore a new title.
  • Is there any insuperable obstacle to a modification of policy which might give her a new lease of life?
  • In her eyes the only modification was that their originally mild rectitude of expression had become a little more stringent than heretofore.
  • But he stood alone, and his obstinate fight only resulted in a slight modification of some of the minor terms.
  • The modification that is spoken of most frequently and that is of gravest concern to many of their leaders, is the increased use of meat.
  • We do not presume to suggest to Nature any alteration or modification of her necessary institutions.
  • I do not think it can be cured or stayed by any modification of theologic creeds, much less by theologic discipline.
  • It has long been recognised that mineral ingredients may modify the product when vulcanised, but the modification is not necessarily uniform.
  • Under the patent held the coagulum may be prepared either for crepe-making, or for sheets by a modification of the tank.
  • By another modification of this system, our impressions of virtue and vice are said to be derived entirely from mutual compact.
  • Considering the infinite variety of light, and its easy modification and absorption, we should expect an immense number of spectra.
  • Prosternal process: in aquatic Coleoptera a modification of the prosternum used in the differentiation of species.
  • What justification is there for such a modification of Joseph's land policy, as the single tax?
  • Under the guise of sensation, e.g., we may find the very highest mental life as its modification or its embodiment.
  • This was the speech which with slight modification Tonelli made over and over again to all his friends but Pennellini.
  • This modification would not, in any essential way, be at variance with the atomic theory as propounded by Dalton.
  • Now, this voice thou canst not interpret, being unskilled; knowing not the languages peculiar to every form and modification of matter.
  • There is a modification of the selfish system which attempts to get rid of its more offensive aspect by a singular and circuitous chain of moral emotions.
  • The foregoing general principles of forest growth have been purposely outlined very briefly so as to serve as a mere introduction to their application or modification in concrete cases.
  • The above rules do not apply to subject indexes, and in certain cases may need modification in accordance with the special character of the work to be indexed.

Definition of Modification

the act or result of modifying or the condition of being modified | an alteration or adjustment to something | a change to an organism as a result of its environment that is not transmissable to offspring
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