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  • Habit is another strong modifying influence.
  • How is this movement modifying her ancient civilization?
  • Treatment has no influence in modifying or lessening this tendency.
  • The environment is constantly checking and modifying the inheritance.
  • They are admirably adapted to modifying the cost to fit the season.
  • The influence of environment in modifying species is constantly in his mind.
  • What a way women have of modifying either good or bad impulses!
  • The modifying or conventionalizing forces are, therefore, quite vague.

How To Use Modifying In A Sentence?

  • It is not at all clear what effect the peculiar curvature of the wings has in modifying flight.
  • Many important modifying forces to the influence upon wages of relative plenty or scarcity.
  • Many important modifying forces to the influence upon wages of relative plenty or scarcity.
  • On the other hand, there is sometimes good reason for modifying any plea for kindness to owls.
  • How masterfully he kept track of headings, sub-headings and modifying circumstances!
  • I consider Hero-worship to be the grand modifying element in that ancient system of thought.
  • Another way of modifying the stern old rule is seen in the Babylonian custom just described.
  • And, as already stated, this transformation is modifying every phase of Eastern life.
  • Or that if I should try hard for the next twenty-five years I might succeed in modifying it?
  • But perhaps more important is the possibility of modifying the practices of the retail trade itself.
  • The gods themselves sacrificed as a means of creation, or of modifying the existing order of the world.
  • A ring below the iris diaphragm permits the insertion of glass discs for the purpose of modifying the light.
  • The changes in this type may be caused by modifying factors that can show an effect only when hoodedness is itself present.
  • Vaporization and fusion are not the only means by which the physical state of a body may be changed without modifying its chemical constitution.
  • Differences of climate and race had their modifying effect, but everywhere one common characteristic is to be found.
  • The infusion is also very useful as a wash for sores and gangrenous ulcers, modifying their appearance very rapidly.
  • Almost solely by arranging and modifying what he has felt and seen, and scarcely at all by inventing, can he accomplish his end.
  • This was the means of obtaining a certain modifying power as a substitute for the second chamber, which had not met with popular approval.
  • By removing or modifying the predisposing factors by appropriate constitutional remedies, and by the external use of stimulating applications.
  • It is however pretended, that the enormous consumption of coal in the island is also felt in modifying the general climate.
  • This process is seen to be still modifying the life on the earth, when some kinds of animals and plants are introduced to new conditions.
  • The effect is varied by altering the shape of the interspaces or by modifying the number and relationship of the lines, dots, and figures.
  • The glare of the electric light unifies them, modifying swarthy faces and faces delicately rouged until they are nearly of one hue.
  • The inoculation does no harm, its pain is a small matter, and its utility in modifying the severity of the disease is now well established.
  • Its end is obliquely squared instead of rounded; it may be longer than the body, or shorter when other modifying factors are present.
  • Even before the Constitutional Convention assembled the political reaction was modifying some of the state constitutions.
  • Let us turn from the action of the Christian faith in modifying the passions of the individual, to its influence upon societies of men.
  • She looked at him critically; then, with a modifying intonation, "Unless you learned a whole lot.
  • Evolution of wild species appears to have taken place by modifying and improving bit by bit the structures and habits that the animal or plant already possessed.
  • I make these remarks in the hope of modifying any harsh judgments which may be passed upon any travellers who have died unwitnessed deaths at the hands of natives.
  • It will thus be seen that this quantity well expresses the capacity possessed by a system for modifying the state of a neighbouring system to which we may suppose it connected.
  • It is difficult to estimate the influence in modifying and shaping the nineteenth century civilization that has resulted from the discovery of the dynamo and the production of heavy currents of electricity.

Definition of Modifying

present participle of modify; Altering.
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