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  • It does well in moist soils.
  • F., in a moist atmosphere.
  • This type of moist glaze is not easy to remove.
  • It is easily acted upon by moist air.
  • Slightly moist peat moss is an excellent packing material.
  • Violet's eyes were moist with unshed tears.
  • His nostrils had been stuffed with moist mud and a chopped aromatic herb.
  • Sodium burns brilliantly when heated strongly in slightly moist chlorine.
  • The sunshine had broken from dark, moist clouds all over those hills.
  • The thigh of Zeus is to be interpreted as "the cool moist clouds".

How To Use Moist In A Sentence?

  • He held the little moist handkerchief in his hand tightly while his heart beat heavily.
  • The temperature of the moist smoke in the roof-ridge may be as high as 130 deg.
  • They may be kept alive for weeks by keeping moist slips of blotting paper in the vial.
  • The marbles are velvety and moist with moss, and the maidenhair fern drips lush and dank.
  • Aluminium is not perceptibly acted on by boiling water, and moist air merely dims its luster.
  • The concentrated acid fumes somewhat in moist air, and has a sharp choking odor.
  • As you tread, a dry spot flashes around your step, and grows moist as you lift your foot again.
  • Zonal range: Upper Sonoran areas that are moist yet safe from continuous inundation.
  • The adult form is about the size of a slender knitting needle, and is seen in moist soil and in pools.
  • On such occasions it is often noticed that these thicker crepes are not thoroughly dry, having moist spots enclosed in them.
  • On the peaks the high winds were cold and cutting, but on the slopes and in the valleys the earth was moist and warm.
  • It all came back to me as a cold, moist nose touched my hand and a sympathetic whimper broke the silence.
  • Also he had thrown the water straight out from the door, and the fellow must have stepped on the moist sand that clung to his boots.
  • So it was not until she was at the spring, looking at the moist earth there for fat bugs for the bird, that she had any inkling of visitors.
  • The moist surface deposit comes away upon the hand when the sheets are touched, and is difficult to remove entirely.
  • On being cut, even after an interval of months, the middle portion was still so moist as to be quite white.
  • In the moist bottom-lands along the rivers it is the custom to throw the soil up in high beds with the plough, and then to cultivate them deep.
  • She rested her hand against the door of the carriage and bent down upon me, and put her cold, moist lips to mine.
  • No sooner, however, had the struggle again commenced than the noise of cannon came reverberating upon the moist air.
  • The tears plowed tiny furrows through the dust that clung to his moist cheeks, and had settled in grayish circles underneath his eyes.
  • When quite dry it is not a very active substance, but when moist it combines with a great many substances, particularly with acids.
  • If the timber is too green, steam is formed as well as smoke, and the sheets of rubber may have a moist surface glaze.
  • Near at hand stood a collection of ferns and pot-plants, fresh and cool, smelling of green gardens and moist earth.
  • The table held an ink bottle, the ink still moist round its uncorked mouth, some paper and envelopes and a pen.
  • Burkett(6) advocated stratifying pecan seed over winter in moist sand and planting in moist soil in the very early spring.
  • On re-rolling, these moist patches become easily visible, and are a source of great annoyance, inasmuch as they take quite a long time to dry out.
  • There was a spot under a low-hanging pepper tree where Jan dug into the cool, moist earth until he had made a nice, big hole.
  • Rustiness may be prevented by placing the sheets in a sufficiently warmed smoke-house as long as there is adequate ventilation and a moist atmosphere does not persist.
  • The substance is hygroscopic; and if an excess is present the drying period will be protracted, and the sheets will have a very moist surface film.
  • Presently he was lifted gently between her slim finger and thumb to her lips, and touched caressingly by something red and moist and warm behind them.

Definition of Moist

Slightly wet; characterised by the presence of moisture, not dry; damp. [from 14th c.] | Of eyes: tearful, wet with tears. [from 14th c.] | Of weather, climate etc.: rainy, damp. [from 14th c.]
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