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  • It is when moisture is failing from the ground that he is bemoaned.
  • What was the percentage amount of moisture present in the air?
  • Underneath ground, with moisture around it, it should be cut.

How To Use Moisture In A Sentence?

  • We have already employed calcium chloride as an agent for absorbing the moisture from hydrogen.
  • Other substances have just the opposite property: they absorb moisture when exposed to the air.
  • Some dampness is essential to make the fibres cling, but excessive moisture is a disadvantage.
  • Why did not man dress in a towel, as after the bath; its use, to wipe the moisture from the body.
  • Mr. Gibney wiped away a suspicious moisture in his eyes and blew his nose unnecessarily hard.
  • The calcium chloride in tube D prevents any moisture entering tube C from the air.
  • Even when it did not rain the air was so laden with moisture that the very clothes you wore were always wet on the outside.
  • Failure to provide a comparatively free egress for smoke and moisture will bring trouble in its train.
  • Nor had her lips found their scarlet moisture from out the depths of certain little porcelain boxes.
  • Where there is no moisture there can be no rain, for the air cannot draw up moisture to form clouds.
  • They supposed that some angel could with a lever raise a gate and let out the quantity of moisture desired.
  • The trouble due to moisture has been entirely eliminated by so sealing the granule chambers as to prevent the entrance of moisture.
  • In this way condensed moisture and creosotic matter falls to the ground, and does not lodge in the pipe.
  • It consists of a chamber heated by steam pipes and capable of having the contained air and moisture withdrawn by a pump.
  • This increase was attributed to the presence of surface moisture after hanging overnight, when the rains had become frequent.
  • Into the latter warm smoke can penetrate much more easily, and the internal moisture can escape more rapidly.
  • Her firm mouth quivered a little, and there was a suspicion of moisture in the sullen, wrathful eyes.
  • Whenever there is water on the earth, as in the rivers, the air is continually drawing up the moisture in tiny invisible drops.
  • On the high benches it was not so bad for the springy, porous turf soaked up the excessive moisture and held its firmness tolerably well.
  • As most of the moisture taken up by the dry rubber is surface moisture, three or four days is usually found ample for air-drying.
  • He leaned over the binnacle, with the cuff of his watch coat wiping away the moisture on the glass, and studied the instrument carefully.
  • The wind veered still farther to the south, blowing strong and warm, sucking greedily the surplus moisture from the saturated earth.
  • The degree of moisture is measured by the ratio of the actual amount of moisture to the moisture of the saturation point for that particular temperature.
  • The upper end of the carbon block is soaked in paraffin so hot as to drive all of the moisture out of the paraffin and out of the pores of the block itself.
  • If the sheets are merely hung again to drip after removing from the hot water, some moisture is bound to remain on the surface of the sheet.
  • But you ought also to ask yourself where are the sources of this rain, and whether it is not the tax itself which draws away the moisture from the ground and dries it up?
  • Evidently the moisture as well as the chlorine is concerned in the action, and a study of the case shows that the chlorine has combined with the hydrogen of the water.
  • It may be assumed that the interval given for dripping is too brief to allow for the exudation of the internal moisture containing dissolved protein matter.
  • True, there was the slight moisture on his brow and on his under lip, but otherwise his agitation displayed itself only in an occasional exuberance of metaphor.
  • This method offers possibilities, especially now that polythene plastic is available for retaining moisture in the moss about the girdle or wound on the layered branch.
  • In addition the drying-house is closed as thoroughly as possible, and we should expect the atmosphere of the house to be laden with moisture from the wet and drying rubber.
  • A striking feature of the experiment is shown by the rapidity with which drying takes place during the first few days and the comparative slowness with which the remaining moisture is got rid of.
  • No sunlight ever reached this dark passage, so that the moisture could dry no faster than it was replenished by that hidden spring in the rock which apparently was its source.
  • In the ordinary course of smoke-curing, it is advised that this flap should be permanently open so as to reduce the possibility of internal condensation of moisture and creosotic matter.
  • The differences in the percentages of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture present in inhaled air and exhaled air are shown in the following analyses.
  • For example, if a bit of dry calcium chloride is placed in moist air, in the course of a few hours it will have absorbed sufficient moisture to dissolve it.
  • If so, as the substance remaining is fairly hygroscopic, it will take up moisture from the atmosphere and may cause the surface of the sheets to have a moist and shiny appearance.

Definition of Moisture

That which moistens or makes damp or wet; exuding fluid; liquid in small quantity. | The state of being moist. | (medicine) Skin moisture noted as dry, moist, clammy, or diaphoretic as part of the skin signs assessment.
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