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  • Pour into a mold until required for use.
  • Environment is the mold that forms the man.
  • They hurried to the plaster mold at once.
  • Mix thoroughly and then mold into croquettes.
  • Forced himself into mold of good husband and father.
  • Dip the mold in boiling water to turn it out.
  • Turn out of mold on a platter and cut in slices.
  • The mold is then opened and the bottle lifted out.
  • Add a teaspoonful vanilla and turn into a mold to harden.
  • Put in mold or bag and boil about two hours.
  • His features were cast in the mold of the well-bred.
  • To turn out dip the mold for a moment in hot water.
  • Then divide the dough and mold into two shapely loaves.
  • For thee was a mold shapen ere thou of thy mother camest.
  • Work in one ounce of butter, and mold in small rolls.
  • Line two-quart mold with lady-fingers, crust side down.
  • Zuni sandstone mold 340 Fig.
  • Made in the mold of the Saviour, they say!
  • The mold is first opened, as shown in Fig.
  • In the largest mold of liberty God cast the Puritan.
  • Many are spoiled by the unusual growths of mold and bacteria.
  • One other essential condition for mold growth is a supply of oxygen.
  • Close mold securely and place in a pail of chopped ice and salt.
  • Finally fold in the egg whites and bake in a mold for 45 minutes.
  • The yellow meadow lily bends down over the damp mold it seeks.
  • The mold is set aside to cool and is then broken away from the metal core.
  • To kill mold spores food must be exposed to a temperature of from 150 deg.
  • Pour into mold or dish one-half of mixture, flavored to taste.
  • Put in tight mold in kettle of water; steam three hours or more.
  • As a matter of fact, brass poured in a mold begins to harden at once.

How To Use Mold In A Sentence?

  • It is with the influences that are to mold the new life while it is plastic that we are concerned.
  • Under him the ground grew more moist and the mold was close to mud in consistency.
  • The mold grows on the paper in which the butter is wrapped rather than on the butter.
  • There was mold on his faded cheeks and a cobweb on his brow as he awaited my answer.
  • He believed he might mold the facts down so as to fit the proofs he was seeking.
  • If there is any white mold on the surface of the soil take a handful of straw and rub it off.
  • These seed bodies of mold are common in all dust and often fly through the air.
  • Flour the bread board and turn out dough and mold into small biscuits or dumplings.
  • On the north it will be darker, and often at the roots it will have a clump of mold or moss.
  • In many places the forest mold still retained the imprint of a foot distinctly.

Definition of Mold

To cover with mold or soil. | Loose friable soil, rich in humus and fit for planting. | (Britain, dialectal, chiefly plural) Earth, ground.
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