Molded in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Molded

1. This molded into sticks is our ordinary dynamite. 🔊

2. Rather are they not molded by the force which through them gains expression? 🔊

3. On both sides tradition and environment molded the moral principle. 🔊

4. She did not know how, in all the years, his wife had molded him. 🔊

How to use Molded in Sentences?

1. Was it not possible that the lost thousands were molded into that lustrous image? 🔊

2. The copper is poured out of the converter and molded into anode plates for refining. 🔊

3. For over sixty years she has molded a new atmosphere and a new life for herself. 🔊

4. Sidney Prale had the appearance of wearing clothes that had been molded to his form. 🔊

5. She was a handsome dark-haired woman, with finely-cut features and an exquisitely molded form. 🔊

6. Out of the clay of love I molded thee, how dost thou busy thyself with another? 🔊

7. Those easy, curving outlines, those large, mirthful blue eyes, that finely molded chin! 🔊

8. That he might have a model for his painting Morse had molded a figure of Hercules in clay. 🔊

9. It can be turned, carved, ground, polished, bent, pressed, stamped, molded or blown. 🔊

10. The influences that have formed the writer are identical with those which have molded the events that constitute the matter of his story. 🔊

11. Every word or form comes to us with the thought impress of every man or nation that has used or molded it before us. 🔊

12. Then these were molded and mitered at the corners, and later a cap of heavier moldings was put across the top. 🔊

13. The furniture, molded to hold a human body most comfortably, rested about the room in perfect efficiency. 🔊

14. It was a face to think and dream of, peerless in its vivid, exquisite coloring and charmingly molded features. 🔊

15. These blows were generally harmless, the rounded butt of the spar glancing off from the acute angle presented by the molded stern-plates. 🔊