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  • Thus the god is mollified and nothing further happens.
  • She was scarcely mollified by the great news.
  • This sort of talk mollified the mother.
  • He must be appeased and mollified at any cost.
  • Catching her mollified glance, he went on more soberly.
  • The Duchess was mollified at once.
  • This explanation mollified the ruffled Billy somewhat.
  • Dickie was somewhat mollified but she took care not to show it.
  • He was mollified by the proposal, and I was obliged to get ready.
  • Miss Hamelyn was mollified by Goneril's obedience.
  • But she herself had no doubts, and was mollified by Mary's plea on her return.

How To Use Mollified In A Sentence?

  • He mollified the bald acknowledgment of his neutrality with a little bow and a hissing-in breath.
  • I was in a mollified way with that wine; all of a sudden the woman joins their hands!
  • Nevertheless, he permitted himself to be mollified and led to a seat in the Park.
  • She could see George smiling and mollified as she spoke, and went on more gaily.
  • He might have resented the interruption still more if he had not been somewhat mollified by the string of compliments.
  • Enid was mollified at last, as she always was by any tribute to the acumen of the parent whom she adored.
  • He completely mollified the men, and even succeeded in exacting an expression of regret and contrition for their outbreak.
  • The tears and entreaties of the unhappy girl had, however, so far mollified him that he consented to put it off some time longer.
  • She answered many questions also, some of which were not very easy to answer, and on the whole mollified the old lady before she went away.
  • No one was less fitted to act the part of the mollified father at the last moment, and he felt quite as little at his ease as either of them.
  • Tinker continued to pet Blazer till the surprised and mollified dog sat down between his feet, and put his head on his knee.
  • However, in the end Tirpitz says that the Prince became mollified and expressed agreement with the view that an increased fleet was necessary.
  • Herfast grew redder than ever with chagrin and mortification, for he saw very plainly that the subtle prior had mollified the duke by his intrepid joke.
  • Old McKay was somewhat mollified by her manner, or by the fire, or by the prospect of relief held out, for his tone improved decidedly.
  • Prue was mollified at once, and after stirring fussily about for several minutes gave her sister all she asked, and departed to the myriad small cares that made her happiness.
  • She also gave him of a nostrum of toadwort and garlic, which mollified his lacerated chords, and she prescribed massage of the throat by rubbing against a young beech stem.
  • They both looked so exceedingly miserable that Radowitz, surveying them with mollified astonishment, suddenly went into a fit of hysterical laughter.

Definition of Mollified

simple past tense and past participle of mollify
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