Mollify In A Sentence

Definition of Mollify

To ease a burden, particularly worry; make less painful; to comfort. | To appease (anger), pacify, gain the good will of. | To soften; to make tender

How To Use Mollify In A Sentence?

  • Seraphine, mollify your indignation towards one who has not meant to thwart you.
  • I made the contrary declaration only to suspend the excessive pains of torture, and to mollify those who made me endure them.
  • Rofflash hastened to mollify the enraged beauty, and did so effectually when he suggested a plan by which she could mortify her rival.
  • Iemon would have detained him; sought in some way to mollify him, at least get a hint as to how he purposed injury.
  • Garry, having won his point, and for the sake of future peace and freedom from interference, resolved to mollify the manager.
  • Terry, after vainly endeavoring to mollify the widow, gathered up his magic pipes, and sallied forth.
  • Our friend appeared depressed; yet bland in his depression, anxious to mollify and placate rather than reproach.
  • This seemed to mollify Lub somewhat, though he hardly liked that reference to his having been paralyzed very much.
  • There were no privations due to the War which she was not out to mollify or remove, and her ingenuity in discovering worthy objects was uncanny.
  • My nickname and his tone went far to mollify me, other things went farther, but I had much to forgive him still.
  • And in order to mollify the people he added that the lieutenant proposed to give subsidies to such as stood in need; they had only to present themselves before that officer.
  • He was singularly joyous and nicely tempered in speech with so much personal magnetism that he could mollify any enemy if he could only meet him face to face.
  • This treatise was presented to Prince Maurice; but it did not mollify the indignation he had conceived against the Remonstrants.
  • Thither they retire for shelter in the winter, and thither convey their grain: for by such close places they mollify the rigorous and excessive cold.
  • In fact, instead of attempting to soothe and mollify him, she reduced him, it seems, to the necessity of resorting to various contrivances to soften and propitiate her.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Mollify | Mollify Sentence

  • However, I managed to mollify him a little.
  • We concluded the best policy, would be to prepare a feast to mollify them.
  • The frank speech and the free, open face seemed to mollify my father.
  • The rogue has no mercy in him; but I must mollify him with money.
  • The jewels arrived from England in the Constellation, but did not mollify him.
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