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  • Lil and her mom kissed one last time.
  • He always sends his money home, and he works hard for it, too, Mom says.
  • Gee, Bill, do you remember the picnic baskets that Mom can pack?

How To Use Mom In A Sentence?

  • The homeward prospect was dreary after that glimpse of the familiar mom through the doorway.
  • So he came sneaking into the sitting room where dad was reading the paper, and mom was knitting.
  • He was always that way, Mom says, and she knew him all her life before ever they got married.
  • There shall he love, when genial mom appears, Like pensive Beauty smiling in her tears.
  • Besides, mom packed this bag, and she's left out a whole lot of things I'll need up there in the woods.

Definition of Mom

(Canada, US, West Midlands, colloquial, familiar) mother. | (informal) An adult female owner of a pet.
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