Moment That In A Sentence

How To Use Moment That In A Sentence?

  • From the moment that we admit the innocence of Mme.
  • Be sure, if you can, at this moment, that it is night.
  • It was at that moment that the Lagmann entered the room.
  • I saw that the very moment that I came in.
  • It was but a moment that Tom stood appalled.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Moment That | Moment That Sentence

  • What a moment that was for him!
  • What a moment that was!
  • What a moment that will be!
  • But it was only for a moment that we were at fault.
  • It was just at this moment that she answered him.
  • What a fearful moment that was!
  • But it was only for a moment that she made him hesitate.
  • He saw in a moment that it had not been slept in.
  • Every moment that passes tears at my heartstrings.
  • It is the critical moment that shows the man.
  • It seemed to him at the moment that he was a boy no longer.
  • To think for one moment that he had moved her!
  • The moment that your home is known all is known.
  • There was danger every moment that it would do so.
  • At the moment, that is neither here nor there.
  • Max did not pretend for a moment that he felt any sorrow.
  • It was in that moment that the great discovery was made.
  • The orphan felt painfully at that moment that he was.
  • It is an evil moment that suggests a thought like this!
  • I thought for a moment that the sun had got to my brain.
  • The desire of the moment that marked men for disaster!
  • He resolved to go the moment that meal was at an end.
  • The moment that we reach port our paths part.
  • He resolved to go the moment that meal was at an end.
  • Still no answer for a long moment that seemed like an hour.
  • For a moment, that was as far as he could get.
  • I expected every moment that he would spring upon me.
  • But be quick, and come down the moment that you are ready.
  • Beata saw in a moment that he was ill, very ill.
  • Let us grant, for the moment, that this is so.
  • It might come at any moment, that happy thought.
  • Oh, moment that has ever since embittered my life!
  • It was at this moment that Dick interfered.
  • It was for only a moment that Betty saw him.
  • But it was only a moment that Lawrence feared.
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