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  • It was only a momentary faintness.
  • It was only a momentary glimpse he had.
  • She looked at him with a momentary astonishment.
  • But this seemed only a momentary forgetfulness.
  • There was a momentary cruelty in her face.
  • There was a momentary struggle on the floor.
  • The cowmen awakened from their momentary apathy.
  • A momentary expression of astonishment crossed her face.
  • His voice faltered as he went on after a momentary pause.
  • Her momentary impulse of relief at his visit passed away.
  • But he was not the only one to whom the retrospect brought a momentary pain.
  • A thought crossed his mind which brought with it a momentary tremor.
  • There was a momentary melee among the guns, and then all was over.
  • The appeal of his gift for expressing momentary loveliness is instantaneous.
  • The girl's quiet eyes were crossed by a momentary look of amusement.
  • This was, however, but a momentary faltering of Kosciuszko's soul.

How To Use Momentary In A Sentence?

  • This great power of momentary captivation consists in his eloquence of manner--his just appreciation of words.
  • The momentary anticipation of death appeared to be so much worse than the reality.
  • He felt quite angry with himself for his momentary panic; it was stupid and babyish.
  • Now a dozen are down in a heap, and there is momentary cessation, then up and pressing on again.
  • During a momentary hush they could hear a long boom as if a giant wave was pounding the beach.
  • As he reached the stone-pile he turned and made a stand, which brought them to a momentary stop.
  • Radwalader, following the impulse of a momentary whim, folded his arms in turn.
  • Little specks of sand, churned up in the momentary stampede of hoofs, fell upon her skirt.
  • A sullen pause of the storm, which now rose and sunk in gusts, produced a momentary stillness.
  • She bent forward to hide a momentary confusion, spoke briskly to her horse, and rode out of sight.
  • There was a momentary silence between them while Allen made account of all that Manguino said.
  • And it was the first word which gave her a momentary twinge of regret that his suit was altogether inadmissible.
  • Abdulla closes his water-skin and replaces it on his back, not without a momentary sense of bewilderment.
  • It struck a momentary chill to her heart; for she was a lone woman, and felt herself fearfully situated.
  • Then there was a ringing sound, a twist of both his arms, and over he went with a sickening momentary cry of fear.
  • In their unity of action, in their interdependence and solidarity, the timid sheep are capable of a momentary suggestion of awe.
  • Taking advantage of the momentary confusion, he hustled their victim into the only place of refuge at hand, a billiard hall.
  • Will this judgment, born of momentary disillusion and disappointment, stand in future, or will it be reversed?
  • The momentary alarm he had felt as to what a letter that brought excitement to Beatrix could portend was dispersed.
  • Paynter looked after her with a momentary curiosity, and when he turned again the Squire had vanished into the hole in the wood.
  • When he spoke, finally, it was to himself, rather, as if in denunciation of the momentary temptation which the telegram had been to him.
  • Days and weeks passed away without any, even a momentary doubt upon my part, as to the course to be pursued by me.
  • George, startled from a momentary profundity of sleep, staggered to his feet, and clutched at various bags and rugs.
  • This reflection, and his consequent determination, was but a momentary effort of Augustus's mind.

Definition of Momentary

Lasting for only a moment. | Happening at every moment; perpetual. | Ephemeral or relatively short-lived.

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