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  • He could gain no momentum for his blow.
  • The bull raced on impelled by the momentum of his start.
  • Has that momentum of movement toward increasing smokiness slacked?
  • It is the momentum of constantly repeated acts that tells the story.
  • Each man wanted sufficient momentum to drive through such a solid line.
  • The plane's momentum decreased and she stopped with a slight jar.
  • Orren interrupted Boyce's momentum by showing his hostile nature.

How To Use Momentum In A Sentence?

  • All are full of the momentum which they have caught from their mode of conveyance.
  • They have a momentum which makes me their instrument rather than their perpetrator.
  • They returned with increased momentum and hurled themselves into her shrinking soul.
  • The boat ahead had turned off its power and was propelled only by the momentum it had gained.
  • His mighty momentum has been rendered possible only by the law of the power of habit.
  • Out of the corner of his eye he saw his mother, but his momentum carried him past her.
  • Like other movements for reform, it is often carried by its own momentum into unforeseen excesses.
  • The scout boat also came to rest, its momentum overcome by the resistance of the water.
  • The "Blue Streak" gained momentum and charged ahead, throwing showers of sand into the air.
  • There was an indescribable suggestion of momentum overcome by the application of perfectly balanced power.
  • Puritanism no doubt gathered momentum from the widespread agrarian and industrial disturbance in this and the preceding reigns.
  • The plane nosed over and with increased momentum from the dip it shot upward at a precipitous angle.
  • How much agitation and exertion did it take to acquire the momentum which would result in enforcing their demands?
  • Some momentum was gained by the end of last year, which carried into this year with increasing force.
  • The curves which absorb the momentum of the water are figured mathematically and in practice become polished like mirrors.
  • She descended more swiftly with the momentum thus gained, traveling toward the bottom on a different slant than before.
  • Down and ahead his direction rod pointed, and with ever-gathering momentum he followed its leading finger.
  • The book owes its momentum to its fascinating and powerful rendering of the pathos and the tragedy of the simple lives with which the writer deals.
  • Thus the energy developed by good fighting men is as the momentum of a round stone rolled down a mountain thousands of feet in height.
  • The jerks perceptibly diminished; as the sled gained momentum he caught them up till it was moving steadily along.
  • The catboat sprang to even keel, but shot on under the momentum it had gained in swooping down upon the swamped girls.
  • In rising, the airplane ran along the ground on these wheels until it had acquired the momentum necessary to lift it into the air.
  • The sudden change of momentum had the result of crushing his already wounded arm, besides giving him a nasty blow on the forehead.
  • I have stood behind a tree on the battle-field and seen a compact square mile of armed men moving with irresistible momentum to the rear.
  • The dead hand of conscious propriety was upon him, checking any momentum that might lead to a spontaneous expression of patriotic feeling.
  • So tremendous was the momentum of the striking mass that the huge vessel passed, like a projectile, through walls and floors and partitions.
  • The early Wright machine had to run on a little trolley down a track in order to gain sufficient momentum to take to the air.
  • The gangplanks had already been withdrawn and the great liner bound for New York was too mighty a piece of momentum to pause now.
  • And then from out the portion of her brain where were stored her purposes, and the momentum of her pride and determination, there flashed the realization that she had won!
  • It is the momentum made up from a thousand deviations from the truth and right, for there is a great difference between going just right and a little wrong.
  • And the simple law of momentum in sliding down hill will make it an accurate picture of the Church at the end, the future Church.
  • It is an axiom that while it requires creative genius to start an enterprise, once the momentum is gained any mediocre intelligence may keep it going.
  • But they can at least give momentum to the current ideals and turn out work which bears so much personal merit that it becomes deserving of more or less serious consideration.

Definition of Momentum

(physics) (of a body in motion) The tendency of a body to maintain its inertial motion; the product of its mass and velocity. | The impetus, either of a body in motion, or of an idea or course of events. (i.e: a moment)
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