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  • Forget them sordid monetary considerations.
  • Austria, monetary system of, 376.
  • Modern monetary system, evolution of the, 161.
  • Course of monetary depreciation, 1300-1500, 15.
  • Charlemagne, monetary system of, 2, 397.
  • Portugal, monetary history of, 1688-1854, 273.
  • Neither would it appear that the seller suffers any monetary loss.
  • In 1520 a monetary convention was summoned to meet at Forchheim.
  • The monetary history of Germany is one of extreme confusion and intricacy.
  • Florence, monetary history of, in the 14th century, 18; 1500-1660, 93.
  • Byzantium, monetary system of, 2. C. Calhoun, Mr., 259.

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  • By the first article of this law the monetary unit was fixed at the silver franc of 5 grms.
  • The ordinance remained a dead letter, and the monetary disorder of the country only increased.
  • In its first beginning her monetary system had relation to that of the restored Empire.
  • It failed, however, of accomplishment, and the monetary system remained as before up to 1847.
  • Such mention occurs in the monetary ordinances and schedules of France as early as 1180.
  • The history of the French monetary system has been briefly told in the text, pp.
  • At this latter rate the monetary system of England remained for almost fifty years, viz.
  • But its influence on the monetary system of Christian Spain is not even a matter of question.
  • Three years later began the period of the monetary disorder of the minority of Louis XV.
  • United States Reports of the International Monetary Conference.
  • For sixty-one years after the settlement of 1497 there had been no alteration of the monetary system.
  • It must be borne well in mind how different the problem then was from that which now besets the monetary world.
  • Practically, in the interval between the second and third of these international delegations, the monetary situation had not perceptibly altered.
  • This ratio remained until the beginning of the present century, and led in short to the expulsion of gold from the monetary circulation.
  • A nation worn out and bled white has no more monetary reserve, no more funds in its treasury, and has been brought into bankruptcy.
  • During the eighteenth century the monetary history of the Netherlands loses its central and determining importance.
  • It stands to sense, and is apparent on every page of the monetary history of the period, that it was absolutely imperative.
  • These proclamations, therefore, give us the measure and course of the monetary movements of the time in fullest and most welcome details.
  • Steadily pursued, it has contributed largely to make England the monetary and industrial master of the world.
  • Then follows an account of the monetary history of France during the period, as in brief resume already given.
  • I do not, however, in my assumption that works of art are treasures, take much into consideration this collateral monetary result.
  • This was exactly the monetary system which Mirabeau had counselled in his memoirs to the Assembly in 1790.
  • Such, therefore, is the aspect of these monetary ordinances or plakkaats of the Netherlands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
  • His head seemed like splitting, and his monetary difficulty, united with his literary difficulties, produced a momentary insanity.
  • This scheme is remarkable for its clear-sightedness and grasp, as well as the testimony it bore to the European monetary system of the time.
  • Along with the latest reconstruction of her hoary imperial scheme, Germany effected her great and greatly-needed monetary unification and reform.
  • In a comprehensive way it may be said that the history of this word or name, maravedi, sums up the monetary history of Spain.
  • For instance: the monetary policy of the government was warmly discussed until the conventions of 1896 made it clear that it was to be a party issue.
  • To the student of money and monetary standards the perpetually recurring phenomena of reductions of the unit and standard weights and contents of coins will present no difficulty.

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Of, pertaining to, or consisting of money.
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