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  • The four Mongols have accompanied him.
  • With yellow Mongols are afoot!
  • These works the Mongols wantonly, methodically destroyed.
  • I suppose the Mongols are just as fond of money as other people.
  • This it is which has contributed to render the Mongols so skilful in tracking.
  • The Mongols were the most appalling barbarians whom the world has ever seen.
  • There he is on one of the platforms, and the Mongols are back in the car.
  • The Mongols insensibly followed their example, and abandoned the nomadic life.
  • Faruskiar, Ghangir and the four Mongols were the first to jump off the cars.
  • The Mongols took it in 1260, and the Tartars plundered it in 1300.

How To Use Mongols In A Sentence?

  • The Mongols attacked them, but were repelled each time they attempted the ascent.
  • These Mongols are as close as a safe, and when you have not the word it is difficult to open them.
  • Ghangir is at his side, followed by four Mongols whom he is exciting by word and gesture.
  • Les empereurs mongols respectèrent les coutumes des Chinois, mais ils leur interdirent les armes.
  • The Mongols are poor simpletons, and we may as well get their money as anybody else....
  • The Mongols completely revolutionized tactics and improved on all the military knowledge of the time.
  • Hoolagoo, though surprised at this request, acceded to it also, and gave him a corps of Mongols as an escort.
  • The four Mongols remain on the last gangway near the treasure which the Chinese soldiers do not leave for an instant.
  • Now, ever since the Mongols have set themselves to cultivating the land, and building houses, they have become poor.
  • By this time the western Mongols had accepted Islam, but that made little difference in their conduct.
  • On the other hand, the ancient workings and fortifications and temples may have been the work of Phoenicians or Mongols several thousand years ago.
  • Faruskiar and Ghangir and the Mongols have been driven back toward the precious van, which the Chinese guard have not left for an instant.
  • Afterwards the Mongols took it, and at last an earthquake drove out the remaining inhabitants in 1339, since which time it has been perfectly deserted.
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